Celine Dion in emotional apology after frustrating health woes force her to cancel tour

Lady Gaga performs with Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli

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Celine Dion is impatiently following a doctor’s regime after continuing health problems forced her to postpone some of her tour dates, and cancel others altogether. The 54-year-old French-Canadian singer took to Instagram this week to apologise profusely for not being able to make it to the UK later this year.

I [want to] give 100 percent at my shows, because that is what you deserve

Celine Dion

“Here we are again!” The “frustrated” songstress exclaimed in an emotional apology video to her five million followers.

“I am so sorry we have to change our tour plans for Europe one more time,” she told viewers, while blinking back the tears.

“First we had to move the shows because of the pandemic, [but] now it’s my health issues causing us to postpone some shows and unfortunately we have to cancel some too.”

Fans had been eagerly awaiting her performances at cities including Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, London and Glasgow this May.

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However, she has now revealed that the much-anticipated shows will not be happening for almost another year after she was forced to reschedule them for March and April 2023.

This is the second time that her UK tour dates have had to be cancelled, with the coronavirus pandemic wrecking her plans the first time around.

Revealing that she is on medication for agonising muscle pain, she told Instagrammers: “The good news is that I am doing a little bit better, but it is going very slow and it’s very frustrating for me.

“I’m getting treatment from my doctors and taking medication but I’m still experiencing some spasms and it’s taking a lot longer for me to recover than I had hoped.”

Thanking fans for being there for her, the Think Twice singer explained: “I need to be in top shape when I’m on stage.

“I honestly can’t wait, but I’m just not there yet.

“I’m just telling you how I feel and I want you to know I’m sorry for this news.

“I know you have all waited so long for the concerts and I appreciate your loyalty.”

The emotional star acknowledged that fans would be “fed up” with “waiting so long” and feeling as “frustrated” as she was.

“All I can say is that I’m doing my very best to get back to the level that I need to be so that I can give 100 percent at my shows, because that is what you deserve,” she pledged.

“Thank you so much for the messages of love and support that you always send to my social media, it means a lot to me.”

She added: “I also want to say that, like all of you, I stand with the people of Ukraine and I hope and pray that this war ends soon.

“Sending you all my love and prayers for peace. Hope to see you soon.”

Celine had already had disappointment in store for fans at the start of the year, when she revealed she would be postponing her Las Vegas residency and cancelling the remaining North American dates of her Courage World Tour.

However, she acknowledged: “I suppose I just have to be more patient and follow the regimen that my doctors are prescribing.”

Celine, who recorded versions of her apology video in both English and French, received more than half a million views, so it’s safe to say that fans are eagerly anticipating her comeback when the time arrives.

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