Changing Rooms star doesn’t ‘feel good’ about Linda Barker after teapot nightmare

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The much-loved series is returning to Channel 4 with Davina McCall taking over as host from Carol Smillie and Linda Barker, and she’ll no doubt be hoping for positive reactions from guests. There was certainly some memorable moments from Changing Rooms but perhaps the most unforgettable was when Clodagh discovered her beloved teapots were placed on suspended shelving.

Clodagh was horrified to hear what had been done with her teapots.

Things became even more awkward when a stack of books, which were also placed on the shelves, forced the shelves to collapse.

As the books came crashing down, so did the teapots which ended up broken and scattered across the carpet.

Clodagh, who wasn’t present was the accident happened, had the news broken to her by Linda.

Linda insisted the shelving was her idea and went immediately to apologise.

“Oh my God, you’ve not killed my cat have you?” Clodagh originally feared.

But once Linda explained it was the teapots which had been damaged, Clodagh was devastated.

Looking back on her participation in Changing Rooms, the 75-year-old has admitted she doesn’t “feel good” about the host.

Speaking to the Guardian, Clodagh explained: “I still don’t feel very good about her.

“On the very rare occasions she’s on television now, when I do see her, she’s still very bouncy, and I just don’t think she earned the bounce.”

While producers offered to reimburse Clodagh for the teapots, she chose never to rebuild her collection.

Despite the disaster, she added she doesn’t regret her appearance as it was a good experience for her daughter Julia.

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Clodagh also told the publication it was a “good lesson in respecting other people’s property”.

A few years after the incident Linda also spoke about the accident claiming it was one of the “worst moments”.

“Probably the worst moment for me, well definitely the worst moment and probably for any designer on Changing Rooms has to be when I built a floating shelf,” she recalled.

“It was 14 floors up and in a flat in Wandsworth and it was to house a very beautiful collection of antique teapots.”

She continued: “The idea was that this thing was just in the middle of the room.

“I mean it was going to be absolutely great and it should have looked wonderful of course.

“But I’m painting such a great picture because of course the whole thing ended in complete disaster.”

Changing Rooms is set to return to Channel 4 soon.

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