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VIEWERS were left shocked when a pair of contestant's on Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home had a very bizarre run-in with a member of the public on a bike.

In the programme, a pair of strangers go on a three-day trek all whilst baring all for the cameras and the passers-by on the programme.

However, one scene in particular left viewers cringing at one awkward interaction.

During last night's second episode, Amie and Michael found themselves flustered as a group of cyclists approached them during a part of their mission which left them attempting to cover up their modesty.

But it seemed that the bikers were in fact rather pleased to see the pair in the nude.

At first appearing shy, mother-of-three Amie remarked: "I don't want to offend anybody."

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Pulling up on their bikes, one of the men said to the pair: "Did I not read about you two on Twitter or something?

Unsure how to respond, Amie said: "Oh I'm not sure,"

It appeared that they had maybe got their wires crossed as the cyclist asked them: "Did you get a hard time off someone in a car?"

Micheal jumped in to add: "Erm, not so far, no!"

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Amie seemed flabbergasted that they were willing to have a chat with the pair whilst their private parts were on full show.

"Are you okay with the nudity?" she asked.

Appearing as though they wanted to join the show themselves, one of the men off-camera enthusiastically said: "Oh, we love it."

They then jokingly appeared to begin ditching their clothes as well before Michael explained that they were looking for a place to sleep in the woods overnight all whilst without wearing clothes.

The cyclist then listed his hand out to the naked pair to say:  "Give me five!"

Amie was left perplexed by the interaction before she suggestively inferred they they 'looked too happy' to see them.

Viewers at home were also left puzzled by the interaction and raced to Twitter to share their thoughts on the latest episode of the E4 show.

One said: "#nakedaloneandracingtogethome What the actual hell am I watching!"

Another added: "#nakedaloneandracingtogethome I’m sorry what? They’re naked in front of tv cameras, knowing they’ll be seen by millions and they’re desperately trying to hide their bits in front of two cyclists?!!"

Whilst a third wrote: "Why am I watching this for the 2nd wk in a row !!!! #nakedaloneandracingtogethome".

It comes as one contestant revealed they almost quit the show over the freezing conditions.

Model Luke Clampitt revealed: "The hardest thing was the cold. During the day was fine but at night it surprised me – it was far was than what I thought it would be.

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