Charlene White fumes ‘Are you serious?’ over Antiques Road Trip loss

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip: Charlene White loses at auction

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The Loose Women star joined her co-star Kéllé Bryan for a special edition of the BBC favourite, which aired on Wednesday. Charlene was paired with expert Catherine Southon, while Kéllé prowled the antique shops with Ochuko Ojiri. As the group went into the auction, Charlene was feeling confident. However, her first Antiques Road Trip item made a loss, leading her to yell: “Are you serious?”

After claiming she was going to win, she joked: “I work in the news, I only talk about facts!”

However, she was soon regretting her words as her first item made a loss.

The 1950s compact mirror was selected and bought by Charlene for £24.

As it came up in auction, Catherine commented: “[This is] a really special thing.”

Kelle remarked: “I actually really like it, I love the way it unfolds.”

The auctioneer started the selling at £10, to which Charlene and Catherine both asked in unison: “What?”

“It’s still climbing up!” Ochuko stated as a dismayed Charlene questioned the bidding.

“Come on!” She added while Catherine commented: “Can we at least break even with this?”

It ended up selling for £18, at which point Charlene fumed: “Are you serious? 18?”

“I know, I’m really disappointed about that,” Catherine agreed.

Their bad luck wasn’t over yet though. Their next item, an Ottoman Empire rocking cradle, was bought for £75.

“I’m really, really happy with this, I think it’s a really unusual piece,” Catherine stated as the item appeared.

The auctioneer started at £30, and an exasperated Charlene yelled: “Oh my goodness!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” Kéllé reassured her colleague.

As it eventually sold for £45, Charlene complained: “No!”

“I don’t understand,” Catherine admitted, while Charlene added: “I genuinely cannot believe that.”

Thankfully, Charlene and Catherine ended up winning, despite Kéllé’s run of successful sales.

Charlene’s luck turned towards the end of the auction, as her final item was a handmade outdoor table.

The pair bought it for £100, and it ended up selling for £260.

“Oh my God!” Charlene beamed. “I’m so happy!”

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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