Cheeky peek at McDonald’s chocolate birthday cake almost nobody knows exists

A woman who bought a McDonald’s birthday cake has left fast food lovers gobsmacked – with many admitting they didn’t know it existed.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @kayrock93, she shows herself buying and then unboxing the chocolate cake which is iced with a picture of Ronald McDonald himself.

She jokes she is making the video "since no-one believes McDonald’s sells cakes" and goes on to prove it’s real.

Kayleigh shows herself buying the chocolate cake at the till and then unwrapping it in her car, although it’s fresh out the freezer so a bit too cold to handle.

The yummy-looking birthday cake is coated in white icing with decorative swirls and has a picture of the iconic clown Ronald McDonald juggling on top.

In the caption, Kayleigh jokes to non-believers: “Here ya go, guys! Bought another one.”

Unsurprisingly, diehard McDonald’s fans who had no idea about the cake were absolutely stunned, and some even doubled-down saying they didn’t exist.

A suspicious-sounding person said: You didn’t show the top of the recipe where it would say McDonald's, you’re sus.”

One person commented: “I get one every year. Even the employees are confused and I have to ask them to get the manager and then they’re in shock.

Former McDonald’s manager here! Yes but they’re ever normally sold to the public we always had to order them and when the truck came they’re frozen

Other McDonald’s workers said they normally only used the cakes for employee birthdays.

Someone else said they were “actually pretty good”.

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