Chelsea Houska: Ryan Edwards Is Worse Than Adam Lind!

You could call them the Holy Trinity of awful Teen Mom baby daddies.

The consensus is that Adam Lind, Ryan Edwards, and David Eason are not only the worst fathers to ever star in the franchise, they might be the worst dads to ever appear on reality television.

(Though shows like Love After Lockup and COPS might give them a run for their money in that department.)

For our money, David Eason is the worst of the bunch, but we start trying to choose a runner-up, the decision gets a little more difficult.

Lind has been arrested more times than Pablo Escobar, and he seems to take zero interest in the lives of either of his children.

It’s been heartbreaking to watch him repeatedly neglect Aubree, his daughter with Chelsea Houska, but on the bright side, at least the girl has a real father figure in her life in the form of Cole DeBoer.

So it might sound like a no-brainer that Lind is the second worst Teen Mom baby daddy.

After all, Ryan’s problems are mostly the result of his drug addictions, so he’s at much a victim as he is a perpretrator.

But there is something worse than being absent from your kids’ life — and that is being abusive.

Yes, if you’re a Teen Mom 2 viewer you may recall the scenes in which Ryan bullies Bentley, his son by Maci Bookout.

It’s nauseating to watch, but if you ask Chelsea, that’s not even the worst thing that Ryan has done on camera.

In an interview with Radar Online, Chelsea harkens back to the infamous scene in which Edwards passed out while driving to his own wedding.

“Her story is almost similar to what’s going on in my life,” Chelsea said about Maci.

“Imagine the kids were in the car? I have it set he can’t drive with Aubree. If that was him and the kids were in the car… That just makes me sick.”

It’s unclear what Chelsea and Adam’s current custody/visitation agreement consists of, but when Chelsea remarked on it in a Season … episode of Teen Mom 2, she revealed that she was taking steps to ensure that her daughter would be safe and supervised by actual adults while in Adam’s care.

“I’m going to meet with the lawyer to get in writing that visitation has to take place in [his parents’] house,” she said.

“It’s just annoying… he thinks just because he goes over there that’s an effort,” Chelsea continued.

“You go out there and you sleep, probably because you’re coming off drugs.”

Houska went on to gripe about how her ex’s behavior is unfair to her current husband.

“It’s not fair for Cole. Why does she have to go over there? He deserves that time and wants it,” she said.

“I just wish [Adam] would be around or go away.”

So while Chelsea is obviously no fan of Adam, he never operated a motor vehicle while completely bombed out of his mind on camera, so we guess she gives him the narrow edge.

The folks at The Heavy conducted an informal Facebook poll, and most fans refused to choose Ryan or Adam, maintaining that they’re both equally awful.

“[Ryan] he might screw up a lot but he spends time with Bentley,” Facebook user Tennille M. Wesley wrote.

“Adam doesn’t show up to games or he always has something to do instead of spending time with Aubree.”

These days, Chelsea is pregnant with her fourth child, and her life has turned out better and happier than anyne could have expected when she was with Lind.

Unfortunaely, she always be tied to Adam because of Aubree, but thankfully, mother and daughter have very bright futures.

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