Chilling New Evidence Surfaced Regarding Former 'NCIS' Star Wanted for Kidnapping

Former NCIS: New Orleans star Zoe McLellan left the show in 2016. After two seasons playing NOLA Agent Meredith Brody, the real drama came in McLellan’s real life. The star disappeared with her young son amid a turbulent divorce. She hasn’t been physically seen since 2019. Now, McLellan’s ex-boyfriend Charlie Barber shared new evidence that makes the case that much more heartbreaking.

Zoe McLellan vanished with son after last role in ‘Designated Survivor’ which led to a warrant

McLellan played a federal agent on TV, but the star is facing some serious allegations in real life. After a two-season run on NCIS: New Orleans, followed by brief stints on shows like Law & Order: SVU, she landed the role of Kendra Daynes on Designated Survivor.

Then, once her divorce from J.P. Gillain turned sour, a custody battle ensued, and McLellan disappeared with the couple’s 8-year-old son Sebastian. McLellan and Gillain were married from 2012-2016, which includes her time on the NCIS spinoff.

According to reports from TMZ, Gillian claimed that McLellan left for Toronto with their son without his OK. Likewise, he claims he’s not seen or heard from his ex-wife since 2019 and has since posted on his social media account asking the public of her whereabouts, stating she’s “abducted my son.”

An arrest warrant was issued via LA County in May 2021 with charges that include kidnapping and child custody deprivation which is retroactive back to 2017. So far, there’s no record of McLellan’s arrest because she’s not yet been located.

McLellan and Gillain’s custody battle got much worse

There might be no trace of McLellan as of now, and it might have something to do with her accusations against Gillain, claiming he sexually abused their son. The Daily Mail reported Gillain was booked and charged with “first-degree rape and aggravated crime against nature charges.”

“There’s no script I’ve ever read that’s been as awful as this,” McLellan told WDSU in January 2020. “However, I always tell my son that we are warriors, not worriers, and we are fighting for him and that I will be able to keep him safe.”

Preliminary reports stated the alleged abuse occurred in Gillain’s Metairie home between 2014-2016.

“There are other victims,” she said. “I am hopeful that they will step forward, that they will have the courage to step forward because there are other victims.”

Gillian, however, denied the charges. He told Radar Online, “I didn’t do any of that. It’s a complete fabrication. And the concerning aspect of it is that it seems that it was so well-planned.”

Gillian’s charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence, but he spent four months in jail.

Ex-boyfriend Charlie Barber revealed new details

According to McLellan’s ex-boyfriend, she plotted to kill Gillain while he was behind bars. Barber told Radar Online he and McLellan dated after they met on the set of NCIS: New Orleans. They reconnected in 2019 after McLellan began her “Believe the Child” campaign. Barber offered to help, and the two struck up a romance.

“I have a little boy the same age,” Barber said. “She thought it would be a good idea for Sebastian to have somebody to be around because she didn’t let him out of the house. He didn’t go outside to do anything. Neither one of them would leave their apartment because she said the dad, J.P., would harm them.”

Around the time Gillain was in jail, Barber claimed McLellan began asking questions about who he knew that worked there, such as a correctional officer. She then alluded to having [Gillain] killed, according to Barber.

Barber also commented on McLellan’s interactions with her son

“Zoe would tell Sebastian almost constantly, ‘You’re such a brave boy for speaking out against your dad.’ Like, over and over and over again. He just ignored it. He wouldn’t say anything,” Barber claimed. “Supposedly, every night, Sebastian would wake up with bad dreams, thinking his dad was coming to kill them. Well, I stayed over there, God knows how many nights, and that never happened, not even once.”

The end of 2020 is the last Barber had contact with the star around the time she made the latest update on her campaign page. McLellan and her son were last seen in Louisiana, but that has not been confirmed.

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