Christine McGuinness shares sad reason she stole shoes as a kid: We had nothing

In Christine McGuinness's new autobiography A Beautiful Nightmare she details her rags to riches life story for the first time.

The memoir sees the mum-of-three tell of her tough childhood full of poverty, bullying and a battle with anorexia.

A particularly poignant memory is the moment she was caught trying to steal a pair of shoes from her local supermarket when her mum couldn't afford to buy her a new pair for school.

"Much to my horror, I got caught and the police came and took me in a back room to give me a telling off," the 33-year-old writes in the book, serialised this week in the Mirror.

"They also called my mum in. The shop assistant spotted my battered loafers.

"'I'm getting bullied and I’ve got holes in my shoes,' I wailed to this complete stranger.

"'I can’t afford new ones for her,' my mum said, mortified. And seeing how little we had, they let me keep them."

Now Christine lives a comfortable life in Cheshire with her TV presenter husband Paddy and their three children Leo and Penelope, eight, and five year old Felicity. And despite her challenging start in life she told readers of her tale she "wouldn't change it."

"My childhood was a difficult one – no two ways about it," she explained.

"Financially, we had nothing and grew up in quite a large council estate in an area called Halewood in Merseyside.

"We lived in a flat in a high-rise building and there were bars on our windows. My mum Joanne and I laugh now and say my siblings and I were dragged up. But I wouldn’t change it – if you haven’t got anything, you don’t miss it."

As well as promoting her autobiography, Christine has just been announced to be taking part in the forthcoming series of Strictly The Real Full Monty on ITV alongside former Islander Demi Jones and professional dancer Ola Jordan.

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