Claudia Winklemans husband towers over her as he lovingly supports her at new show

Claudia Winkleman’s husband Kris Thykier has been spotted towering over her in a snap at her new show.

The couple were photographed at Claudia Winkleman: Behind The Fringe at The Cambridge Theatre on May 9 posing for a picture together.

6ft Kris , 50, cuts a huge figure standing beside wife Claudia, 50, whose 5ft4 frame only reaches her husband’s shoulders.

Dressed up for the occasion, Kris wore a grey two-piece suit without a tie and smart shoes to make up the look.

Claudia looked relaxed wearing white trainers and black leggings with a black and grey striped jumper to complete a more casual look.

The new show puts Claudia’s iconic hairdo into the spotlight as she uses the fringe to tell the story of her life.

On the first night of the tour in Guildford in April, she explained: "People ask, ‘Did you always have a fringe?’. And yes I did.

"People ask what I am hiding with my fringe — and it’s a massive forehead that is repellent.

"I was born with six extra teeth like a little dinosaur. When people saw me smile they screamed.

"But when I was 21 and a virgin, I got my fringe and everything started happening."

Claudia and Kris married in June 2000 and have enjoyed a happy life together with their three children Jake, 18, Matilda, 15, and Arthur, 10.

Claudia’s legendary TV career has seen her host some of the nation’s favourite shows includingStrictly Come Dancing alongside Tess Daly , Saturday night live, and The Great British Sewing Bee.

In the early days of her career in the 1990s she worked as a travel presenter and as a reporter for shows such as This Morning.

Film producer Kris has worked on films such as biographical drama Woman in Gold which starred Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.

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