Coca Cola Christmas truck tour dates – When will the Christmas truck visit you?

Kate Garraway says Coca-Cola Christmas advert is 'tough' for her

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You know the holidays are coming when you see the Coca-Cola advert with the big red truck, and Santa Claus himself enjoying a refreshing drink of coke. However, nothing beats the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck coming to a local town near you. The soft drink giant has teased clues about the 2021 Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour.

Now many of the most anticipated Christmas advertising campaigns of the year – John Lewis, Aldi, Sainsbury’s – have dropped, fans are excitedly asking Coca-Cola when the Christmas truck will make an appearance.

Coca-Cola’s “holidays are coming” catchy jingle and Christmas truck have become an iconic tradition.

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck first hit TV screens in Christmas 1995, making this the sixteenth year of their festive campaign.

In more recent years, Coca-Cola has sent a real-life version of the “Holidays are Coming” truck around the UK for excited fans to snap pictures and get free samples.

The last Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour saw the iconic red truck visiting 20 stops across the UK delivering free Coca-Cola in 2019.

The Christmas truck not only gave away free Coca-Cola, but also gave customers the opportunity to purchase special personalised glass Coca-Cola bottles.

The Christmas truck tour 2019 stopped at Sainsbury’s and Asda supermarkets and shopping centres across the UK.

Last year, there was no Christmas truck due to coronavirus restrictions, so understandably Coca-Cola fans are even more excited to see the famous red truck.

In previous years, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour has been announced around mid-November, however the soft drink giant has remained silent about this year’s dates and locations.

However, excited fans have taken to Twitter to let the company know they are watching out for the truck.

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Replying to a Twitter user, @CocaCola_GB tweeted: “We’re not revealing anything just yet, but keep an eye on our socials.”

Another user, @becca_87_ tweeted: “Come on @CocaCola_GB think you’ve let us wait long enough now for this to be on the telly…give us a clue on when we can see it.”

In response, @CocaCola_GB tweeted: “It won’t be long, Becca…”

Coca-Cola continues to give cryptic clues on their social media channels, and they will probably announce the truck tour dates there first.

If the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour follows the same route as the last one, the following locations can expect a visit from the truck:

  • Edinburgh
  • Cardiff
  • Taunton
  • Newcastle
  • Leeds
  • Bristol
  • Portsmouth
  • Gainsborough
  • Manchester
  • London
  • Dudley
  • Liverpool has reached out to Coca-Cola for comment and will bring you updates as soon as we receive them.

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