Cole Swindell Shares ‘Single Saturday Night’ Video

Cole Swindell has shared a music video for “Single Saturday Night,” with the visual shot while he was in self-quarantine.

The video, directed by Michael Monaco and Eder Acevedo, shows Swindell in a dreamland, dozing off as he watches TV news about COVID-19. He is then seen showing up in several places, including a desert, a baseball field, and so on.

The visual also features Swindell’s bandmates appearing in the dream scenes and playing alongside him. The bandmembers also shot their parts separately from their respective homes.

“I have loved this song since the first listen and wanted to create a video that was just as special!” said Swindell. “We had to get really creative shooting because we were still in quarantine, and it ended being one of the most fun videos I’ve ever done.”

He added, “Because of having that extra time I was able to be really involved in the creative and editing process and this video is a snapshot of my quarantine of trying to tune out all of the bad news and dreaming of being back out on the road at live shows with my band and fans.”

The song, written by Ashley Gorley, Michael Harty and Mark Holman, was released in May. Swindell’s previous single was “Love You Too Late.”

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