Composer Shaina Taub Back Home After Arrest on Front Stoop While Cheering on Peaceful Protesters

The singer, who made an appearance in the Off-Broadway production of ‘Hadestown’, and her husband Matt Gehring were taken into police custody in New York City on Thursday night, June 4.

AceShowbizShaina Taub is safe back at home after a recent arrest. On Friday morning, June 5, the composer and singer announced that she and her husband Matt Gehring have been released from police custody after being arrested the night before while cheering on peaceful protest from the front stoop of their apartment building in New York City.

“thank u all for your concern – matt and i are home and totally okay,” Taub shared with her Twitter followers. In the same tweet, she called for a change for the unjust system as she declared, “what’s NOT okay is this brutal unjust system that perpetually dehumanizes people of color. so show up, donate, call – make your voices heard that we will NOT stand for this state-sponsored violence ANY longer.”

Shaina Taub assured followers she and her husband are fine after arrest in NYC.

A short while prior, Taub uploaded a video and photos of the Thursday arrest on Instagram. In the video, a cop can be heard suggesting that they were breaking curfew. People inside, however, argued that Gehring was a resident of the building. “last night my husband and i got arrested on the stoop of our building on the UWS just after 8 pm,” Taub wrote. “we were literally standing on the steps with our neighbors cheering on a peaceful protest on our block.”

“this was my small visceral window into the police brutality black folks have experienced for centuries,” Taub went on explaining. “the cop who arrested me was intentionally hurting me with his harsh grip and when i asked him calmly to stop he shoved me with force and yelled in my face ‘this is what you get. handcuffs are supposed to hurt.’ we were taken to the precinct along with the young man who was illegally arrested while working his food delivery job. #defundthepolice.”

The singer, who made an appearance in the Off-Broadway production of “Hadestown”, later responded to a tweet about an arrest made on a delivery guy. “we were in the cop car with this young gentleman,” she commented. “he had every right to be out there and the way the cops treated him was disgusting.”

Shaina Taub complained over police’s treatment at an arrested delivery guy.

Taub’s husband Gehring, in the meantime, was asking his followers to recommend a doctor for him following his release.” I’m looking for a doctor to check out my arms and wrist. Been having pain and tingling single arrest,” he explained in a Twitter post. “Don’t have insurance. Any recommendations please send my way.”

Matt Gehring sought doctor recommendation after release from police custody.

An 8 P.M. to 5 A.M. curfew has been implemented in New York City in the wake of ongoing Black Lives Matter protests that have swept the country following the tragic death of George Floyd. Mayor Bill de Blasio has previously announced that the citywide curfew will not be removed until Monday morning, June 8.

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