Conan O'Brien Says 'SNL' Cast Members Have Always Landed Hot Women

Conan O’Brien sounds proud of Pete Davidson and Colin Jost for what he says is a long-standing tradition … “Saturday Night Live” cast members landing smoking hot women!!!

We got Conan, who was a writer on ‘SNL’ long before he hosted his own late-night show, leaving Sugarfish in Hollywood and our guy asked him what’s up with ‘SNL’ being the ultimate aphrodisiac.

As you know … Pete recently started dating Kim Kardashian, and Colin is married to Scarlett Johansson … and don’t forget ‘SNL’ alum Jason Sudeikis and his ex Olivia Wilde as another recent example.

Conan says this is just one of the many perks of a gig on ‘SNL’ … harkening back to his days on the show when he dated more famous women than he can count, including Elizabeth Taylor! He’s clearly joking, but still … the track record speaks for itself.

It doesn’t sound like there’s something in the water over at ‘SNL’ … but Conan lets us in on the cast’s little secret to getting the girl. Well, maybe it’s not a “little” secret. 😜

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