Connagh Howard’s family react to Love Island star’s shock decision to steal Sophie Piper from Connor Durman

Connagh Howard sent shockwaves through the Love Island villa on Friday night as he chose to couple up with Sophie Piper.

The 27 year old pulled Sophie, 21, away from Connor Durman, 25, who she had been partnered with since the start of the series.

Although he has ruffled feathers in the villa and faced the wrath of some of his fellow islanders, Connagh's family have spoken out on his decision.

Connagh's younger sister Elinor, 24, said: "Sophie comes across as a really nice girl. She's got that athletic build, and I think he enjoys people who have easy conversation."

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His mum Lynda continued to tell PA: "If he likes somebody he will make it clear and will see where that goes."

The Welsh model's dad, Wayne, hinted that Connagh had his eye on Rochelle Humes' sister since he watched the first episode of the current series at their family home.

They also explained that their son's goal is to find love on the show, and they are confident he will split the £50,000 prize fund with his partner if he gets lucky enough to win the show.

Elinor said: "He is such a genuine, nice person, not one to get into confrontation or anything."

Meanwhile, last year's winner Amber Gill has warned Sophie about Connor's "intense" behaviour before the most recent recoupling.

Speaking about Sophie, Amber said: "I do think that Sophie needs to be careful. What I saw from Connor was intense."

Referring to the time Connor's temper ran away from him after seeing Sophie's reaction to two new boys, Connagh and Finley Tapp, entering the villa, she continued: "He seemed like a control freak and Sophie seems really sweet, so [she] just needs to watch out, as she is a little bit vulnerable."

"I wouldn't have any of that from him myself," she added.

Connor also got upset with the Sophie after she made a joke about him having a threesome while on their first date last week.

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Referring to this interaction, Amber said: "Connor was the one who brought up the whole threesome revelation in the first place and then got angry about it."

She added: "He shouldn't have said it on national television if he didn't want people to bring it up."

However, new girl Rebecca Gormley has admitted she has eyes for Connagh and will "go as far as it takes" to get what she wants in the villa.

Love Island continues Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2.

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