Coronation Street exit for Nina Lucas as Roy Cropper drops clue during return to cobbles?

Coronation Street: Nina sobs as Roy leaves in a cab

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Nina (played by Mollie Gallagher) has had an extremely hard year on Coronation Street as she became the victim one a heinous hate crime and lost her boyfriend Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) as a result. This began a devastating turn of events as she turned to the bottle to drown her sorrows and ended up losing her identity as she believed people hated her for being a goth. Thanks to the help of Roy (David Neilson) and Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) she has been able to reclaim her identity proudly but it seems she is still struggling with what has happened to her. Sitting down with Roy on Christmas Day, it seemed she could take a leaf out of his book and make an exit from Weatherfield to get her head together away from the drama on the ITV soap.

After being told by Carla Connor (Alison King) she was going to be getting a call from Roy, who left Weatherfield a couple of months ago for a new job in Peru, Nina didn’t want to spend the day with anyone.

Despite both Carla and Asha offering her a place at their dinner table, she was having none of it and opted to spend the day by herself.

However, what she didn’t expect was for Roy to come walking through the door as it emerged he had been the person watching the café earlier in the episode.

As they sat down together and caught up on the last few weeks, Roy explained to his niece why he decided he needed a break.

“I felt I had let Sam [Blakeman] down so badly over his mother’s [death]. But then being in Peru, as stimulating as it was, I was only letting you down,” he said.

“I broke my promise to you and I couldn’t live with that,” Roy continued, to which Nina replied: “Running away never helps.

“You just take your problems with you,” she added, with her uncle telling her she had a “very wise” head on her shoulders.

Noticing Nina wasn’t completely herself, the soap stalwart remarked: “If I were to ask you, in all sincerity, how you are, how honest could you be with me?”

“I saw Kelly [Neelan] getting attacked,” the gothic character answered, adding: “I tried to help and I did my best.

“She’s fine now but it brought everything back and now I keep worrying about Asha and you. I’m so glad to have you back.”

Can’t help thinking something bad will happen

Nina Lucas

“But, I can’t help thinking something bad will happen to you if you’re around me like Seb and my dad like I’m cursed or something,” Nina said as she tried to fight the tears.

Roy told her: “There is no such thing as curses, you know this,” to which his niece replied: “I do, yes, but I wish you would convince my brain.”

Later on in the episode, as they went to join the rest of the cobbles residents, the pair spoke more about Nina’s troubles.

She said: “I know I’m catastrophizing but I can’t help it,” to which her uncle replied: “It’s not a great surprise given what you’ve been through.

“But if we spend our times torturing ourselves with things that might never happen, we are in danger of letting the glorious moments slip through our fingers.”

“And wouldn’t that be tragic,” he continued, with his niece in agreement as they headed to join the locals of Weatherfield.

Although she might have seemed in high spirits by the end of the festive instalment, Nina will still have a long journey ahead of her.

Unfortunately, this could see her leave the cobbles as although she said it was best not to “run away from problems”, she could take inspiration from her uncle.

As it seems his trip to Peru gave him a new perspective on the past year, the stalwart’s niece could also discover the same thing.

However, she would need to do some travelling and take a good few months away from Manchester to clear her head.

Having just got her relationship with Asha back on track, Nina could ask the youngster to go with her, to which she would happily oblige.

This could mark a turning point in the troubled character’s turbulent year as she gets her head together and realises she doesn’t need to worry about everything.

Returning to the soap, she could be a whole different person, with a more positive attitude and desire to leave her life as she wants to.

Roy would be pleased his clues about going away would have done her good and they can both work on building a better life for themselves.

But how long would Nina be gone as she tries to seek the help she needs to deal with her current problems?

Speaking about her alter-ego, the actress who plays Nina, Mollie, revealed why her character’s anxieties began before Roy left.

The soap star said: “When she finally finds Roy and he tells her he is leaving Weatherfield because he can’t look Sam in the eye, she blames herself for everything that has happened.

“Because she feels like she is always linked to the bad things that are happening on the street in some way. She can’t get it out of her head that she is the problem.

“It’s really sad because Nina has had a lot of people leave her and she has lost everyone that means the most to her – now Roy is leaving too.

“When her dad left her, it was because her dad died and she remembers that her dad told her that he would have loved to spend more time with her but obviously he couldn’t.”

Will an exit give her the new lease of life she needs?

Coronation Street continues Boxing Day at 7:30pm on ITV.

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