Coronation Street fans horrified by character’s unexpected death

Coronation Street: Stephen lunges at Leo after being confronted

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During Monday night’s instalment of Coronation Street, fans watched as Leo (played by Joe Frost) was thrown over the edge of a two-story building by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) which resulted in his death. While viewers were taken aback by the twist, actress Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny Connor, said there are more shocks to come.

Over recent weeks, Coronation Street fans saw Leo start to grow suspicious of Stephen and questioned how truthful he was being with everyone.

On a mission to prove his feelings about the Canadian businessman were true, Leo eavesdropped on a conversation between Stephen and his estranged ex-partner Gabrielle.

He learned Stephen was trying to persuade his mother, Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls), to sell her property in order to steal the equity and pay back his ex, who he also stole from in the past.

As Leo confronted Stephen on his lies and threatened to tell his mum and the police, tempers rose as they argued on the top floor of the factory outside.

Stephen attacked Leo as he pushed his head onto the metal barrier before shoving him hard off the edge.

Leo fell into the bin below as viewers saw blood pouring out of his ear showing he’d fallen to his death.

His niece, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), arrived unexpectedly as he quickly closed the bin and went to lunch with her at The Bistro before returning to move Leo’s body later that evening.

However, after the shocking murder twist, viewers of the ITV soap were left horrified at Stephen’s actions.

Justin Rafferty said: “OMG! NO WAY! Stephen pushes Leo off the balcony! Leo’s definitely being killed by Stephen!”

“Oh no!!! Leo looks dead!!!,” commented Twitter user SparkySue.

Raven added: “Has Leo died!? No idea if he was leaving the street.”

With Lousie Hazeldein saying: “Leo dead???? Poor Jenny doesn’t have any luck with blokes staying alive.”

On Tuesday morning, actress Sally appeared on Lorraine to speak more about the twist in the latest episode.

Joking no one would want to be Jenny’s love interest as she’s like a Black Widow, the soap actress called the scenes that unfolded very dramatic.

Teasing what’s to come, she said: “Wednesday night’s episode, the first scene is quite shocking and brilliant, so you can look forward to that.”

Lorraine commented Jenny is very unlucky in love with Sally telling her it wouldn’t be a soap if she was happy.

Wanting to find out where Jenny thinks Leo is in the soap after his shocking murder, Sally revealed what will happen in the next episode.

She said: “Jenny’s just had her farewell meal at The Bistro last night so tomorrow she’s waking up and she’s packed.

“She’s emigrating and thinks that he’s just drunk on his friend’s sofa, so she’s running around trying to find him.

“Then as the day progresses it becomes clear that he’s gone.”

Coronation Street continues Wednesday, September 28 at 7:30pm on ITV

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