Coronation Street shows how they filmed amazing Abi and Corey sinkhole stunt

Coronation Street has given fans a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the dramatic sinkhole collapse involving Abi (Sally Carman) and Corey (Maximum Evans.)

Earlier this week, viewers of the long-running ITV soap watched on in horror as Abi confronted Corey at gunpoint in the Street’s special Halloween House of Horrors – only for the pair to fall through a sinkhole and into a sewer.

It led to a further furious confrontation between the pair below the ground, as Abi vowed to get justice for her son Seb’s murder.

And there was plenty of action to keep fans gripped, as the rising water and electrical sparks kept everyone guessing whether they’d be found – until Roy Cropper (David Neilson) arrived to save the day.

The Super Soap Week scenes have been praised by fans, who applauded everyone’s efforts and the edge-of-your-seat sinkhole sequence.

Now, the soap has shown what happened before, during and after the cameras were rolling, with the cast and crew of the show giving a tour of the custom-built House of Horrors set where Abi and Corey’s showdown took place.

In a short clip as the camera pans, David Neilson, who plays Roy, says: “We’re filming a stunt, several stunts, and they’ve built this amazing set of the inside of the House of Horrors on Coronation Street.”

He went on: “It’s an amazing piece of construction. It’s like a little movie with lots of special effects and danger.”

Elsewhere, Sally Carman, who was front and centre of the action as vengeful Abi, continued: “It was brilliant because it’s exciting to do something different and it was so different.”

The actress added: “There’s lots of water, lots of cover coats and lots of crying – acting crying, not actual crying.”

Sally concluded: “It was great to get involved to that extent where you are soaking wet. That was fab.”

This comes after Sally opened up about filming the “terrifying” stunt sequences and how she felt when she knew what Abi would be doing.

Speaking about reading the page-turner scripts ahead of filming, the 46-year-old star admitted: “I was a little like, ‘O-kay….’ but I couldn’t wait to get started.”

“It was epic. It was hard work but I really, really got into it. It was a real experience but it pushed me to my limits, I have to say.”

Further opening up about the filming process, Sally explained: “We started on the Monday and we finished on the Sunday, and by Tuesday I was like, ‘I can’t do this!’”

“Because we were permanently wet, it was so cold and wet. But weirdly, as the week went on, it’s like my body just acclimatised and it was brilliant.”

However Sally said that all the cast and crew’s hard work paid off as she’s extremely proud to be part of soap history, saying: “I mean it was brilliant from start to finish, such a brilliant experience.”

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