Coronation Street spoilers: Gail Platt tells Nick Tilsley to leave Leanne Battersby over her gang war

GAIL Platt tells Nick Tilsley to dump Leanne Battersby over her gang war next week in Coronation Street. 

Nick and Sam find themselves in danger when Harvey sends one of his heavies to the street to intimidate Leanne into going ahead with their plan.

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Harvey bullied Leanne into agreeing to say that her original statements against him were wrong during his trial in an attempt to avoid prison.

But next week Leanne will decide she has to tell the truth and try and get Harvey banged up after there’s more gun drama on the cobbles. 

Harvey’s sidekick watches from the shadows as Sam calls with a Father’s Day card for Nick. 

As Nick and Sam head towards the car, Leanne hears the sound of gunshots.

Are Nick and Sam’s lives in danger?

Meanwhile, Nick tells Natasha that Leanne is going to give evidence in court and suggests taking Sam back to London for their own safety.

Gail is shellshocked at the news and advises Nick to leave Leanne for Sam’s sake, but will Nick choose his son over Leanne?

Harvey’s trial kicks off later in the week and a sheepish Leanne enters the witness box.

Sharon is then called as a witness and gives a damning report of Harvey’s evil nature in a shock twist. 

But what will Leanne have to say?

Teasing what’s to come in court, actress Jane Danson – who plays Leanne – told "That’s a lightbulb moment.

"She’s already lost a child and been through the worst thing that is ever going to happen so what could be worse than that? That’s when we see her strength forming again and she becomes a little bit of the old Leanne, which I always love!

"Obviously she's been through it with Oliver and that was intense in terms of acting, they were the best scripts I’ve ever had and she still kept that strength which I really loved.

"She might not have made right decisions at times, but I love they stayed true to that inner Battersby.

"She’s grown up and is a lot more sensible than she used to be but the writers always remember where she’s from and I’m really keen to keep hold of that. We see old Leanne twinkling in the eyes at the court."

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