Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen sobs after Geoff Metcalfe kills her pet chicken to eat

YASMEEN Nazir is left distraught after her abusive husband Geoff cooks her beloved Charlotte the chicken for dinner.

The long-suffering wife is left sobbing after the bully shouts at her for serving him vegetables.

Corrie fans will remember that Geoff played a cruel prank on Yasmeen last year when he pretended that he had served up her beloved pet chicken Charlotte Bronte for dinner.

He then laughed out loud when he revealed it was all a joke.

Since then, Geoff’s emotional abuse has escalated and left Yasmeen trapped at the centre of a dark coercive control storyline.

And it seems history may repeat itself as Geoff grows jealous of the time Yasmeen is spending with her chickens in an upcoming episode – but this time with more disastrous consequences for the chicken.

In the upcoming scenes, Alya confides in Yasmeen that working for Ray was the biggest mistake of her life and that she’d like to return to Speed Daal.

Yasmeen’s thrilled and Geoff pretends to be pleased.

But his true colours emerge when he snaps at Yasmeen and Alya for gossiping when they should be hard at work.

Alya is shocked and starts to suspect something is wrong with Geoff’s.

And when Yasmeen tells her how she’s twisted her back moving the sofa at home after Geoff insisted it needed to be cleaned underneath, Alya’s suspicions grow.

Later, as Yasmeen fusses around Charlotte the chicken, Alya tells her about a nasty online review and how Geoff enjoyed pointing the finger.

Geoff gets home and has a go at Yasmeen for not having his dinner on the table.

Yasmeen apologises and says she was busy with the chicken coop.

But Geoff doesn’t accept the excuse and he isn’t happy with the plate of vegetables that Yasmeen then serves him either.

But she explains she didn’t have enough money to buy meat with the cash he gave her to buy food.

What Geoff does next upsets Yasmeen to no end, and later Yasmeen cries as she feeds her chickens.

The spoiler pic above shows Geoff getting ready to carve a chicken – but is it Charlotte that he's cooked?

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