Coronation Street: Todd Grimshaw's comeback storyline revealed as Eileen faces a dangerous gangster

TODD Grimshaw is set to make a dramatic return to Coronation Street next week as he lures his mum Eileen to an old warehouse.

Billy and Paul have been trying to track Todd – who will be played by newcomer Gareth Pierce – down for weeks, after discovering he’d teamed up with friend Safia to steal from a local gangster.

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What will Todd’s comeback storyline be in Corrie?

Spoilers have revealed that Todd will make a dramatic comeback next week on the soap as Eileen returns home from her trip to Thailand. 

Billy and Sean sit her down and explain they hired an private investigator who found out that Todd and his friend Safia tried to rip off a local gangster – and that they’re in danger.

Eileen isn’t phased and vows to find Todd. 

Later, Sean is shocked to return home to find an intruder.

But as the intruder flees, Sean is unaware that it was Todd.

Later, Eileen investigates the break-in and finds a note stuffed under the back door. 

She’s shocked to realise Todd has written to her and asked her to meet him at an old warehouse. 

When Craig calls at the house and tells Eileen that a body has been found matching Todd’s description, Eileen stays calm knowing that Todd is alive. 

When Eileen meets Todd later, he admits he’s in danger. 

Sean tries to get hold of Eileen and searches for her when he realises she’s missing.

But when he sees a menacing shadow step out of the shadows is it too late?

Could Todd have put Eileen in grave danger?

Why did Todd leave Corrie?

Todd went on the run from the police in 2017 after assaulting a police officer.

The character's off-screen exit was really to facilitate actor Bruno Langley’s departure after he was axed from the soap.

The seeds of Todd’s comeback storyline were sown in August 2020 when Mary and Sean open Eileen’s post and discover a letter from Todd demanding £1000.

Sean’s family and friends knew something was up when Todd failed to turn up.

And the plot thickened when Craig Tinker dropped the bombshell that Todd is no longer being hunted for by the police – leaving his friends and family wondering why he’d been keeping away from Weatherfield.

After hiring a private detective named Lenny to find Todd, Billy was concerned to discover that Todd had disappeared after trying to scam a gangster.

Who will play Todd in Corrie?

It has been confirmed that actor Gareth Pierce will take over the role three years after Bruno Langley was axed.

New soap star Gareth said: "I’m thrilled to be joining such an iconic show, and to have been entrusted with taking Todd forward into some really exciting storylines.

"It’s an honour to be part of the dedicated Coronation Street team in such unprecedented times."

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