Coronation Street’s Daisy Midgeley suffers breakdown

Coronation Street: Justin follows Daisy to wedding fair

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Daisy (played by Charlotte Jordan) has been plagued with anxiety after Justin (Andrew Still) continues to stalk and overwhelm her with flowers. However, things are set to take a turn for the worse in Coronation Street, which could soon leave Daisy suffering more than just anxiety.

Since storming onto the cobbles, Daisy has always been headstrong and focused on building her social media page.

Her constant posting is one of the things that landed her in the situation with Justin in the first place.

However, Charlotte recently opened up about the impact Justin is having on Daisy’s mind and well-being which looks to have devastating consequences in upcoming scenes.

Charlotte explained to and other press: “Well like you say, Daisy is a feisty, confident character and she has a gob on her so she is not afraid to tell people to do one if she feels she needs to.

“But, what you see is this guy who totally take her power from her, you can’t control how other people behave and you can’t control how other people interpret things.

“So she feels totally powerless and you will slowly see Justin sort of desolate all the things that make her Daisy, which is just really sad.

“Luckily had has got people around her that love her and are going to support her through it but no one can really understand what she is going through.

“So he is going to slowly but surely sort of destroy everything that makes her, her really.”

If Justin continues his mission to stalk Daisy and feels as if she belongs to him, it could have devastating and long-lasting effects on Daisy.

The barmaid could end up causing herself more harm, pushing away her friends and family when she needs them the most.

In recent scenes, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) bumped into Justin in the street and warns him to stay away from Daisy.

Justin explains that his mum’s in a hospice and Daniel suggests they go to the café for a chat.

Sat with Justin in Roys Rolls, Daniel explained: “I am sorry for losing it earlier, I am just looking out for Daisy.

“I know what it’s like you know, watching someone you love slowly disappear in front of you. Sinead, my late wife, she had cancer.

“So I understand, back and forth, ups and downs, the endlessness of it all. I get it because I was trapped in grief myself and I would have done anything to escape my reality.

“You don’t know me and you don’t know Daisy. You just think you do, and I get that you believe that what you are feeling is real.

“But it’s not. You are grieving, you’re confused. Look, whatever is happening here I am sure you don’t want any harm to come to Daisy or for anyone else to get in trouble.

“You need to understand that it needs to stop, for Daisy’s sake and for your sake. Trust me, this is not healthy.”

Justin leant forward and replied: “Of course, I don’t. I won’t see her again, I can see the pain that it is causing and I don’t want that for her.

“Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. It’s good to know someone understands.”

However, getting the wrong idea, Justin tells Daisy that he’s prepared to back off to give her time to break the news to Daniel that she doesn’t love him any more.

How will Daisy cope as Justin becomes more intense?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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