Daily horoscope for October 23: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The half Moon has entered Aquarius, and it is time to let your brain kick into action. Use the full force of your mental capacity to seize the day, and to not let this brain boost go to waste. Jot down some ideas for the future, and allow your mind to wonder into creative corridors which it has not yet been to.

But Aquarius will also boost your social stamina, so set aside some time to see some loved ones.

However, Mercury squares the Moon, which means some of the conversations you may have today will be memorable, if not challenging.

It may seem like your friends are against you, but they have your best interest at heart.

Remember to use then full force of your brain to overcome and social obstacles which may arise.

The Moon is also in a waxing crescent stage, and it is giving off strong energy. Right now, everything you do counts, so make it worthwhile.

But remember that people are stronger together, so use all of this energy to boost a cause you believe in with those around you.

It is important not to get overwhelmed by the big day ahead.

Crises can be dealt with, but make sure to act now and not waste any time.

Difficulties can be overcome if you put your boosted mind to it.

Horoscope Friends said: “Friends have your best interests at heart but, still, it’s difficult to see eye to eye.

“Just take some new ideas and try them on for size. Be experimental and don’t make too much of a fuss. But loosen your mind!

“Aquarius can be ever so stubborn you know.

“Thank goodness for Chiron in Aries giving you an opportunity to mend some bridges by tonight.”

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