DAN WOOTTON: Prince William is angrier than he's ever been with Harry

DAN WOOTTON: Prince William is justifiably angrier than he’s ever been with Harry. But given Charles is determined to have the Sussexes at the Coronation, it’s now up to the king to protect his eldest son

There have been many moments in the past two decades where Prince William has has had cause to be angry with Prince Harry.

Pre-Meghan, it started with various childhood scrapes where his younger brother seemed to get away with murder even though it was the future king who would end up punished by his parents.

Then there were the drugs scandals while at school that put the reputation of the Royal Family at threat as Harry’s bad behaviour spiralled.

Not to mention calling an army colleague the P-word on video, having naked pictures in Las Vegas leaked to the American media, and fighting with photographers (and his own security team) late at night when steaming drunk.

Post-Meghan, the Oprah Winfrey interview where the Sussexes accused an unnamed member of the Royal Family of racism (and claimed Kate made Meghan cry at that notorious bridesmaid fitting) as Prince Philip was on his deathbed took his outrage and fury to another level.

After a string of personal attacks against his brother, Prince William (left) and the Royal Family, could Prince Harry’s relationship with the Prince of Wales be irreparably damaged? 

Prince Harry and Meghan have been on the offensive, with the Duke of Sussex having launched his tell-all autobiography in January, shortly after his wife’s Netflix docu-series

But the catatonic rage engulfing William in the past month towards his brother following the publication of his twisted autobiography Spare – an effective character assassination on the heir to the throne – pales in comparison.

According to my royal sources, the Prince of Wales still cannot fathom the vicious intent behind his brother’s book, which he believes marks the end of their relationship forever.

Sure, time heals all wounds but at this moment in time courtiers believe William is adamant he will never speak to his sibling again.

This is the tinderbox environment in which the new king expects his sons to reunite in front of an audience of billions while watching him crowned.

The Coronation is Charles’ day, I understand that.

But given he is determined to have the Sussexes in attendance – in my opinion an unwise decision driven by heart over head that will overshadow the historic event – it’s now up to the king to protect his eldest son.

The Mail on Sunday reported yesterday that the Royal Family is ‘fully expecting’ both Harry and Meghan to be there, even though their relatives are ‘spitting feathers’ about the publication of Spare and the spiteful media campaign to promote the book which appeared designed to damage the British monarchy.

A friend told the newspaper: ‘Members of the family have told me that both Harry and Meghan will definitely come. They fully expect that. And they should realise that there is only one subject that many members of the Royal Family will be willing to discuss… and that’s the weather.’

That might be possible for the likes of Princess Anne and Prince Edward, who didn’t feel the full throttled vengeance and largely avoided personal attacks from Harry’s poisoned pen, but for William it’s an altogether different scenario.

The question of how he will be able to contain his acute feelings of betrayal, anger and sadness at the Coronation if Harry is there is front of mind for courtiers.

The reported rift between the brothers comes ahead of their father, King Charles’s coronation in May

But I believe it is Charles who must find a way to maintain the comfort and dignity of William, who has done nothing wrong and tried to put duty first in the most tortured of family situations.

William managed to do just that in the days before the funeral of the late Queen, even offering an olive branch to Harry and Meghan by suggesting a joint walkabout outside Windsor Castle after hearing the Sussexes were planning to do something on their own seeming to, as ever, steal the limelight.

But that’s, in part, what is most frustrating for William and Kate.

The entire family tried so hard to include Harry and Meghan during the mourning period for the late Queen, yet it made absolutely no difference to their vile behaviour in the months that followed.

Dan Wootton

No wonder in discussions about how to coax Harry and Meghan to the Coronation without any drama – including a hairbrained scheme to put their woke ally Justin Welby in charge of negotiations – William has raised the possibility of the Sussexes attempting to hijack the official festivities with their own publicity stunt.

The Prince of Wales is also acutely conscious of the fact Harry has attempted to back both him and their father into a corner, in what feels like a form of emotional blackmail.

Only reconciliation talks, including an apology to Meghan, will even start to appease the Sussexes.

But even starting that conversation is virtually impossible given the trust has been shattered after the broadcast of their Netflix reality show and the publication of Spare, where deeply personal conversations were printed verbatim but out of context to further Harry and Meghan’s warped victimhood narrative.

Most unforgivable was the recounting of pained and failed peace talks with a grief-stricken Charles and his two sons in the hours after Prince Phillip’s funeral, where he pleaded with William and Harry: ‘Don’t make my final years a misery.’

Rightly or wrongly, senior members of the family now believe there is the possibility that any communication they have with Harry or Meghan, either electronically or in person, could find its way into the public domain.

There is less than three months to go before the most important day of Charles’ life.

The king wants to think the best of his youngest son and Meghan, with whom he has always been incredibly affectionate, but it’s William and Kate who know their real gameplan.

Harry and Meghan are seeking ultimate destruction, not a compromise.

So if Charles wants to proceed with naively thinking the Sussexes can be included at the Coronation without causing any damage, it’s on him to make sure that the Prince of Wales is completely insulated from any form of forced reunion or conversation, either in public or private.

Of course, it’s desperately sad that relations have reached this nadir, but that is entirely the responsibility of Harry and Meghan.

The easiest scenario for everyone involved is that they stay away from the Coronation altogether and celebrate Archie’s birthday in California.

But if Charles is hellbent on the Sussexes seeing him crowned in person, he must protect the feelings and reputation of helpless William and Kate at all costs.

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