Dancer who uses a wheelchair wants to show disabled women are sexy

Nila Morton was dancing in her wheelchair one day when a troll told her she looked ‘weird’.

So the 21-year-old dance enthusiast, from South Carolina, decided to hide away.

But now Nila, who has a rare condition called Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, is done hiding.

She shared images of herself online and was surprised to see love and support pour in.

She wrote on Twitter: ‘I was kinda nervous about posting because this is way outta my comfort zone and I know some people will judge but I felt beautiful.’

Nila was nervous about getting abuse as she doesn’t often share pictures of herself.

The reception, however, has been overwhelmingly positive and blown Nila away.

The post received more than 500,000 likes, with people praising her in their droves.

Nila wrote a follow-up tweet that explained her past experiences.

She said: ‘I used to be embarrassed to dance because one time a guy told me I looked r*****ed.

‘For many years I wouldn’t dance in front of people. Now I’m more confident in myself and I don’t care if I do look weird when I dance. I’m living my best life and give no f***s what anyone has to say.’

Nila says she has learned to embrace her disability and love the way she looks.

She wants to show other people that those with disabilities can be beautiful and sexy.

She tells ‘I’m the only one in the state of South Carolina with my disease and at a time my diagnosis was number 96 in the whole wide world.

‘My disability doesn’t affect my self-esteem because I learned to live with it, not allow it to define me.

‘This is my normal and I love it. It makes me stand out and be unique. It’s just some people who will make hurtful comments.’

Talking about some of the hateful comments, she said: ‘I realise that those people just are small-minded.

‘The Twitter attention made me happy. I was glad that people could see I’m more than my disability. I can still be viewed as beautiful along with a wheelchair.’

We could all do with a little more love for ourselves.

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