David Beckham privately sent Kate Garraway poignant message when Derek fell ill

Kate Garraway received an influx of support from all over the globe when her husband Derek Draper fell ill last year, but one message, in particular, stood out for the GMB star.

The broadcaster, 53, revealed David Beckham sent her two children video messages after Derek was hospitalised, offering them support in the face of their dad's health battle.

Writing in her new book, Kate Garraway: The Power of Hope, the Good Morning Britain presenter revealed David sent the messages after Derek was placed in an induced coma.

In an excerpt shared with Mail On Sunday, who are serialising the book over the coming weeks, Kate wrote: "I hadn't had the chance to look at social media so it was Darcey and Billy who spotted it and squealed with delight.

"I messaged him back, thanking him and saying the kids were thrilled."

Kate explained the messages were tailored to Billy, 11, and Darcey, 15, adding: "He sent a personal video to each of them – words of encouragement and fun. He said he'd been thinking of his own kids and how they might feel."

Empathising with the family's heartache, David has four children of his own with his wife Victoria – sons Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 16, and their daughter Harper, 9.

Kate wrote her new memoir to document the harrowing ordeal, sharing her story with others to raise awareness of the long-term effects of Covid.

Derek was initially hospitalised with the virus in March of last year and was only released from the hospital several weeks ago, returning to his family home.

Though Derek's condition has improved considerably, he still requires round-the-clock care, and his bedroom has been relocated to the front lounge.

However, Kate and her family are delighted with the progress he has made, with the ITV star telling her colleagues earlier this month: "There's just been so many little lovely moments.

"I've been saying to [Derek] all the time during the coma, 'When you get home, you can have one of my casseroles' – which he loves by the way, that's not a threat!

"I said right, 'Let's see if we can somehow get you round a kind of table with all four of us'. So we sort of managed to do that.

"As I was laying out the plates, I realised I was laying out four. It makes me cry now."

Kate added: "It just feels like the start of a huge chapter but a really, really big and important one."

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