Dentist horrified as teens shave teeth down to pegs in bid for perfect smile

A dentist has shared a stark warning to teenagers over the danger of teeth shaving and said it could lead to dentures at early age.

The popular trend of cosmetic tooth veneers was seen on young influencers on social media platforms as they claimed it can get give them perfect smiles.

But the invasive dental work could damage the teeth and leave you needing dentures as early as the age of 40.

The costly procedures require dentist to shave the enamel off the teeth down to pegs before fitting the veneers over the existing tooth.

Dr Sarah Manouchehri, from London, explained on TikTok that the irreversible process of shaving teeth to pegs can damage the nerves inside the teeth.

In the clip, she showed a young woman showing her "before and after" results of getting veneers.

A message popped up in the video saying: "Did I go to Turkey and get my teeth shaved off for veneers?"

Dr Manouchehri then points out: "First of all those are not veneers, those are full coverage crowns.

"If you've seen my previous video you will know that shaving your teeth down to pegs like that is going to damage the nerve.

"You're going to need a root canal treatment and an extraction at some point in your life.

"Second point, veneers or crowns will need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years typically.

"Now she is a gorgeous young woman I think she is what around 18, 19 maximum and she's going to need to replace them probably four or five times throughout her lifetime, if not more."

She adds that the damage will cost financial burden in the future as well as biological burden because the teeth can't "physically be prepared and re-prepared every single time".

"She's ruined her teeth possibly for the rest of her life and she's going to have dentures what, by the age of 40," the expert says.

"I personally wouldn't choose that, would you?"

The popular trend was seen by the likes of Katie Price, who previously shared her veneer procedures in Turkey on her YouTube channel.

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