Did Halle Bailey & DDG Split? The Little Mermaid Star Speaks to Recent Rumors

Halle Bailey and DDG were rumored to have broken up recently, and now she’s speaking out.

The young couple have been together since at least early 2022 when they were first spotted out on a dinner date exactly one year ago.

Speculations started last week after fans noticed they were no longer following each other on Instagram, and have removed almost all traces of each other from their grids.

Now, days later, Halle is speaking to the online chatter and speculation on their relationship.

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“the devil is working ♥️lol please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party 💕✨stay blessed everyone,” she tweeted on Sunday (February 12).

Amid the speculation, DDG reportedly tweeted and deleted, “all these girls the same 😭 ain’t no wayy,” on Tuesday (February 7), then the next day writing, “The internet so gullible 😂”

After Halle‘s older sister Ski shared a video calling out DDG, she then removed it. Later, she shared an updated story, saying, “My bad, y’all. I spoke to sis and aint nothing going on lol Let me go back to drinking my water and minding the business that pays me.”

Just a couple weeks ago, Halle and DDG were in Dubai were in Dubai together, along with her sister Chloe.

Halle and DDG made their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2022 BET Awards.

She also starred in his “If I Want You” music video.

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