Did John Mulaney & his pregnant girlfriend already break up because he cheated?

John Mulaney and his girlfriend have possibly broken up. The source is someone sending in a tip to Deuxmoi, so who knows. The first time we heard anything about Mulaney and his girlfriend (who shall remain nameless on this blog, for reasons) was back in May, just after we learned about his split with his wife Anna-Marie Tendler. By September, John Mulaney’s girlfriend was visibly pregnant and they ended up confirming the pregnancy. There were also People-exclusive photos and an interview by Seth Meyers, and a timeline no one believes (because it doesn’t make any sense).

The long and short of it is that Mulaney cheated on his wife and knocked up his jumpoff/girlfriend soon after he got out of rehab. It was a huge mess. If this Deuxmoi submission is accurate, then it’s going to be even messier:

My thought was that they would stay together until the baby was born and Mulaney would find a way to exit the “relationship” a few months later. It says something that they can’t even grit their teeth and make it to a full-term pregnancy. Hours after Deuxmoi posted that not-so-blind-item, they had this update:

So… he cheated on her?? YIKES!

CB pointed out that three weeks ago, in Us Weekly’s print edition (dated October 13), there was a story about how everything was moving way too fast between Mulaney and his girlfriend and this was “a fling that got out of control” and “the baby came out of left field…” Mulaney was described by Us Weekly’s sources as not being relaxed and not doing any long-term planning. The sources also say that she was happy to be in an open relationship and that her friends are like “girl, this was never gonna last.” Us Weekly has always been HER outlet of choice when she wants to get her story out. She was introducing the idea that he was “seeing other people” and that she was having second thoughts, but it’s all cool, whatever he wants. SHAMBLES!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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