Dierks Bentley on Returning to Nashville: Someone Is Going to Have to Drag Me Out of Colorado

The ‘Drunk on a Plane’ hitmaker and his wife Cassidy decided to stay put in Box Canyon during the coronavirus pandemic after going there for a vacation before travel restrictions were put in place.

AceShowbiz -Country star Dierks Bentley isn’t in a hurry to get back to work in Nashville, Tennessee after setting up home in Colorado during the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Drunk on a Plane” hitmaker and his wife Cassidy took their three children to Box Canyon for a vacation back in March, before travel restrictions were put in place to contain the COVID-19 spread, and they decided to stay put as things started to shut down.

“I went out there with my family for Spring Break in March and just never left,” he told People.com. “I put my kids in school out there and we just kind of moved.”

Now Bentley admits it will be tough for him to leave the mountains, as living in Colorado is something he’s “always wanted to do”, and he’s enjoyed bonding with his wife and kids in the great outdoors.

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“I’m making up for lost time with my family,” the singer said. “It’s been 18 years now of touring and being gone every weekend.

“Now I’m somewhere I can ride bikes with my kids to school. I put a camper on the back of my 1994 Chevy and we go camping almost every weekend.”

“I am sure I will move back to Nashville because it’s the country music capital of the world and a great place to work out of,” the Arizona native added, “but someone is going to have to drag me out of Colorado because I do like being there.”

One thing sure to draw Bentley out of his Colorado hideaway will be the opportunity to head back out on tour, once it’s safe to stage traditional concerts again.

Debuting his new single, Gone, on Instagram on Friday, October 23, he told followers, “I can’t wait to hang with my road family of band, crew and fans. As soon as we get the green light, we will be out there. Hope you enjoy the new music and the beginning of another chapter. Love you guys.”

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