Disability Rights Groups Say Britney Should Be Able to Choose New Lawyer

Britney Spears wants to be able to pick a new attorney for herself — an idea with which multiple disability rights organizations agree, and are now putting in writing for a judge.

Attorneys repping 27 different entities — dabbling in things like AIDS advocacy, civil liberties, autism support, aging assistance and much more — have filed new legal docs, telling the judge Britney should be allowed to have the ultimate say in who her lawyer(s) will be next.

According to the filing, obtained by TMZ, groups such as Choice in Aging, Disability Rights California, Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and others are pleading their case to the court — namely, laying out reasons why Brit shouldn’t be deprived of being able to make this selection on her own.

The groups say Britney has a right to due process … which includes selecting her own attorney to help her make informed decisions and communicate effectively in the conservatorship case — something they say she’s specifically asked for in text messages to people like Jodi Montgomery.

Of course, this comes on the heels of her longtime attorney, Sam Ingham, asking to resign from the case … which could be addressed during a hearing Wednesday.

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