Doctor Who slammed over ‘seriously embarrassing’ detail in Jodie Whittaker’s final series

Doctor Who: Jon Bishop makes his debut as Dan

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The 13th series of the British sci-fi programme Doctor Who began on Halloween night, as Jodie Whittaker took on the Time Lord role for her final season. Avid fans of the show, who had been waiting months for the series to return, were left disappointed with the CGI and took to social media to express their complaints

As the first episode began on Sunday night, the episode was flooded with complaints within minutes of it airing.

Taking to Twitter to express their annoyance, fans of the show all complained about the “bad” CGI which was used.

@Gracezillaa wrote: “Rewatching Aliens of London and please explain how the CGI in this episode is so much better than the CGI at the start of The Halloween Apocalypse.

“And this is coming from someone who believes Doctor Who should be made on a shoestring budget for the lols.”

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@thebakernator2 also added: “No one gonna talk about how bad the CGI background was for the starting planet lmao.”

@KingCast_ commented: “Wow, I can’t get over how awful that CGI opening video is. It’s seriously embarrassing.”

“I don’t understand how the #DoctorWho CGI looked better 10 years ago,” @balf4our echoed.

The first episode saw the Doctor and Yaz (played by Mandip Gill) tracing the mysterious Karvanista only to stumble across non-terrestrial activity in Liverpool.

They stumbled across resident Dan Lewis (John Bishop) who had seemingly been kidnapped by the monster.

However, it turned out he was saving them from the Flux, the end of the universe, which the Doctor now has to try and stop.

Along the way they met Claire (Annabel Scholey) who claimed to have met the Doctor and Yaz before, only they hadn’t.

The Weeping Angels made their return as Claire was presumably sent back in time, on her way to meet the team.

Fans were left with a massive cliffhanger reminiscent of Doomsday, with Yaz and Dan hanging on for dear life and the end of the world approaching.

The adventure is set to continue next week in War of the Sontarans, which will see the Doctor come face to face with the iconic monster once again.

Jodie announced her departure from the show in July after four years of playing the fourteenth Doctor.

Show-runner Chris Chibnall also announced his departure from the show after the pair made a pact with one another to do three seasons together.

In a statement, Whittaker said: “I will carry the Doctor and the lessons I’ve learnt forever, in 2017 I opened my glorious gift box of size 13 shoes.

“I could not have guessed the brilliant adventures, worlds and wonder I was to see in them, my heart is so full of love for this show for the team who make it and for the fans who watch it and for what it has brought to my life.

“I know change can be scary and none of us know what’s out there, that’s why we keep looking, travel hopefully, the universe will surprise you constantly.”

Odds have already started to take place as to who will take over from Jodie, with Michael Sheen being a firm favourite to replace her.

Doctor Who: Flux continues Sunday at 6:15pm on BBC One.
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