Does Bling Empire's Kevin Kreider have a girlfriend?

BLING Empire's Kevin Kreider features on one of Netflix's hottest reality shows.

The series focuses on the lives of wealthy Asian and Asian-American socialites based in the Los Angeles area and this is the first American reality television series in which the main cast are all East Asians.

Who is Kevin Kreider?

Kevin Kreider is a model and fitness coach and has posed for the likes of Los Angeles Fashion Week, Men’s Health and Gillette.

He was adopted by a white family and brought up in Philadelphia but in the show Kevin states he’d like to find his birth parents in Korea. 

He said: “I hope maybe my birth parents see this," he says. "Hopefully somebody in Korea watches this and maybe somebody will reach out, if they know anything."

Kevin has battled with alopecia and lost his hair in 2014, which caused him to stop modelling.

Does Kevin Kreider have a girlfriend?

Kevin is currently single but during an interview with EW, he hinted there could be a romantic spark with one of his fellow castmates, Kim Lee.

He shared: "Totally. I really felt a spark at that party with her, and I saw a gentle side there that I never saw before.

"There's definitely a physical attraction, but there are some things that don't attract me about her, and we're really just, oddly, figuring that out because we do talk."

He even mentioned that he had a completely different opinion of her at the beginning, adding: "I hated her in the beginning. I hated her. I just couldn't stand her.

"I just thought she was some rich Malibu wannabe gangster DJ, but she's not. She's a lot more than that."

What is Kevin Kreider's net worth?

Kevin's estimated net worth sits at approximately $10m (£7.3m).

The star sells weight loss and exercise programmes on his website for $59 (£43).

He’s also dabbled in the media before starring in 2019 documentary The Ugly Model and have a TED talk about Western beauty standards.

During his recovery from alopecia, he filmed and produced an unreleased documentary about him skateboarding across the USA. 

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