Dog The Bounty Hunter's Rainy Robinson feels 'betrayed' after husband 'secretly cheated' following 25 years of marriage

DOG The Bounty Hunter star Rainy Robinson has opened up about how she feels "betrayed" and "disappointed" over how her 25-year-long marriage has ended amid allegations of cheating.

Rainy revealed exclusively to The Sun she believes her husband David, whom she split from in September, secretly cheated on her with one of the reality star's event coordinators.

She said Dog – real name Duane Chapman – and his fiance Francie, who had no idea about the alleged affair, had both been extremely supportive to her – and David – throughout the marriage breakup.

In an exclusive interview, Rainy, a bail bondswoman who was best friend’s with Dog’s late wife, Beth Chapman, revealed for the first time how she became suspicious of David’s relationship with Brooke Aszure Ramirez, who organized Comic Con appearances for the reality stars, last year.

Rainy, who is known for her straight-talking manner on Dog’s Most Wanted, said she now wants to reveal the truth about what happened after rumors spread online when she announced the end of her and David’s marriage back in September.

Rainy told The Sun: “Cheating was one of our deal breakers.

“I feel betrayed that he would throw away our marriage and run around with someone who presented herself as a friend to both of us.

“People have been saying lots of things about it on social media but at the end of the day I don’t give a s**t – these people don’t know my relationship better than I do.

“And it’s been incredibly hard for me, hard for our daughters, hard for our family and friends. I felt like I was living in an alternate universe."

Rainy said she first began to feel suspicious last year when she was supposed to be going to a Comic Con event with David and her flight was abruptly canceled at the last minute. David went without her and Brooke attended too.

“I felt like she was chasing him," Rainy said. "David is very handsome and while we’ve been married there’s been more than a hundred girls that have tried the same thing. That was nothing new for me.

“So I get it and he's never, ever given me ever any reason to question him ever so I kind of put it to one side."

She said it was then brought up again when Brooke's husband contacted her and revealed he was also suspicious of the pair.

Rainy then decided to pull the phone records and realized Brooke and David had spoken over the phone hundreds of times.

“I found in three weeks time, Brooke had called him 280 times. Some of the calls were 120 minutes long,” she said.

“I texted both of them at the same time and I said, ‘You two better hope that I calm down because I will post some s**t online that will blow your a**s right out of the water’. Both continued to deny that anything was going on.

“So I get them to promise me that they won't contact each other, but within a week I see that they are in contact again."

Rainy decided to file for a legal separation to give her and David some time alone to think – but believes Brooke flew straight over to meet him.

Rainy confronted them once again but they both denied anything was going on.

“They were gas-lighting me the whole way and telling me I’m crazy,” she said.

"But eventually they admitted something had gone on.

“After she admitted it, at one point I asked her ‘Don’t reach out to him, don’t talk to him, I’m asking you woman to woman, make me that promise.'

“I said, ‘If you think he’s going to have a relationship with you, then wait for him, but let us solve our issues first’.

“She agreed but then within 24 hours she had reached out to him and that’s when I posted her headshot picture online.

“David said to me, ‘I made the biggest mistake in my life’ and I said 'Yes you did’.

“He said, ‘I don't know why I did it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.’

“I asked him to move out. I just knew that if he stayed I would just torture him. He doesn't deserve that."

Rainy said while it has been a heartbreaking time for her, she has taken strength from all the friends and fans who have reached out to wish her well and offer their support.

And she made it clear she did not want any of their friends to feel like they should take sides.

“Duane and Francie have both reached out to me multiple times,” Rainy said.

“And on my anniversary last Wednesday, I sent a text to Francie and I just said, ‘Please say a silent prayer for me, today’s my 25th. I'm having a little bit of a rough day’.

“And she said, ‘I love you very much, Duane loves you, we are right here for you, but your prayer is not going to be silent. It's going to be loud and proud that God heals your heart’.

“Duane’s daughter Lyssa has been very supportive, Cecily and Bonnie too – and I’ve made it clear that I don’t want anyone to feel they have to choose sides between him and I. He too was important in their lives.

“Lyssa even reached out to David on our wedding anniversary and said, 'Happy anniversary – not that you deserve it!'

"He sent me a very sweet text commemorating our anniversary.”

Rainy said she refuses to “wallow in misery” and has already launched her own podcast where she interviews people she’s met over the years with Dog and Beth – and she’s also writing a healing journal which she plans to publish in December.

“At the end of the day I can't be responsible for the decisions someone else makes. I can only be responsible for what I do,” she said.

“And anyone that knows me knows that I am not the kind that's going to sit in a puddle and cry over stuff I cannot change.

“I'm not happy about the situation, but it is what it is.

“This is a man that I love. I still love him. And I love him until the day I die. And he feels the same way about me.

"Sometimes things just end and they can just end peacefully.

“We raised children together, we have three granddaughters. We are going to be family forever.

“And whether we get back together later or not, I always wish him the absolute best.”

In response to the allegations, Brooke told The Sun that nothing happened between her and David until after Rainy filed legal separation papers.

"Mr. Robinson and I were coworkers and friends. Conversations were had but never crossed the line of professionalism or friendship. Again, nothing was acted on until she filed for legal separation.

"I was in a marriage for 20 years and I can feel empathy for her long term relationship coming to an end.

"There are two sides to every story and there is no way that Rainy will ever see me in a good light.

"However, these are personal and private issues that she needs to work out with David."

David said he did not wish to comment and said a lot of the allegations "were fabricated."

Rainy runs the Beth Chapman Memorial Scholarship- a memorial fund which helps support people in need to complete their GED education. All funds raised go directly to the recipients

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