Donald, Ivanka and Jared play golf at Trump's Miami club

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Didn’t fancy a family round? Donald Trump practices his golf swing on the driving range at his Miami club – but leaves minutes BEFORE daughter Ivanka and Jared arrive for a lesson

  • Ivanka Trump, 39, and her husband Jared Kushner, 40, were pictured on the driving range at the Trump National Doral in Miami on Wednesday afternoon 
  • Former President Trump, 74, arrived at the club within five minutes of his daughter – but he did not join her and Jared on the range, instead leaving to play a round on the course minutes before they started a lesson 
  • Trump – who is currently living at his Mar-a-Lago resort, which is located about 90 minutes’ drive from the National Doral – was joined by security, club employees, and several other companions 
  • He spent a short amount of time on the driving range but left to play a round on the 18-hole Blue Monster course before Ivanka and Jared began golfing in the same spot with an instructor 
  • Ivanka and Jared spent close to 90 minutes on the driving range while Donald was on the course, where he was seen driving his own golf cart from hole to hole 
  • Trump purchased the National Doral for $150 million in February 2012, and last year it was revealed that the resort had laid off 250 staff members after it was forced to close amid the pandemic  

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have readily embraced Miami life – but it appears there is one area where they still aren’t up to snuff as far as former President Donald Trump is concerned: their golf game. 

The couple were pictured practicing their swings with the help of an instructor on the driving range at the exclusive Trump National Doral on Wednesday afternoon – at the same time that Donald, 67, was pictured playing a round on the 18-hold course at the resort, having left the driving range just minutes before his daughter and son-in-law began their lesson. 

Trump, who is an avid golfer, is pictured in exclusive images published by spending a short time practicing his own swing on the driving range with several companions, but left the area to tee off just moments before Ivanka, 39, and Jared, 40 arrived to hit some balls together.  

Ivanka and Jared stood alongside one another as they fired golf balls off into the distance, with the former First Daughter looking particularly excited with her progress, smiling widely as she swung her club, while being given a few pointers by an instructor.  

Swing to win! Ivanka Trump was seen practicing her golf skills on the driving range at the Trump National Doral in Miami on Wednesday, arriving just minutes after her father left to play a round on the 18-hole course 

Honing her form: The 39-year-old was seen hitting ball after ball during the session, which lasted close to 90 minutes, and both she and Jared, 40, appeared to be receiving pointers from an instructor 

Feeling all white! Ivanka wore what looked like tennis whites for her golfing lesson, pairing a short white skort with a white tank top, as well as a baseball cap and sneakers 

Precision first: The former First Daughter had a very focused look on her face as she stared off into the distance after her ball, and at one point was seen licking her lips 

According to a source on-site, Donald arrived at the club separately from his daughter and son-in-law, although his SUV, which was accompanied by three other blacked-out Secret Service vehicles and a police escort, pulled up to the club within just a few minutes of the couple. 

Donald was the first to step onto the driving range, where he was pictured hitting a few balls alongside another man who appeared to be a friend of the former President’s. They left just minutes before Ivanka and Jared’s golfing lesson started.  

While the couple got in some practice swings, Trump made his way over to the 18-hole Blue Monster course, where he was joined by a large entourage of around 15 people, including a few golfing buddies, as well as several club employees, and Secret Service agents. 

Dressed in a smart white polo shirt, black slacks, white golf shoes, and a white baseball cap, Trump drove his own golf cart around the course and seemed in good spirits as he made his way from hole to hole. 

While Trump teed off, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared took to the driving range to get in some practice, and were seen hitting ball after ball over a period of around 90 minutes. 

Ivanka opted to wear what looked like tennis whites for her golfing session, modeling a short white skort, white tank top, white sneakers, and a white baseball cap, while her husband Jared wore a pair of gray chinos, a white polo shirt, and a light blue hat. 

Both of the former senior White House advisers completed their sporty looks with the addition of golfing gloves – although while Jared wore a more traditional single glove, Ivanka opted for two, perhaps in the hopes of improving her grip in the warm weather.  

Seasoned pro: Donald has been seen playing golf regularly since leaving the White House and moving to Florida earlier this year – however he still spent a few minutes honing his swing on the driving range, although he left before Ivanka arrived 

Options: The Trump National Doral is located about a 90 minute drive from Mar-a-Lago, where Donald is currently living with his wife Melania and their son Barron, and which boasts its own golf course  

Family affair: Jared joined his wife on the driving range, where he was also seen working up a sweat while practicing his swing

Tips: An instructor could be seen standing alongside the couple offering a few pointers while they hit their golf balls 

Line it up: Ivanka was seen placing her ball on the tee while her instructor chatted to her  

Away she goes: The former First Daughter looked quite flushed, no doubt feeling the Miami heat during her near-90-minute golfing session 

The Trump National Doral, which Donald purchased for $150 million back in February 2012, is located around 90 minutes’ drive from the businessman’s current home at Mar-a-Lago, where he is living with his wife Melania and their son Barron, and where he has been seen golfing on a handful occasions since leaving the White House earlier this year. 

Ivanka and Jared’s luxury new apartment in one of Miami’s most exclusive oceanfront buildings is located about an hour away from the Trump National Doral. 

But while Ivanka and her father have both moved to the same state, it appears they weren’t overly eager to spend time bonding together on the golf course – perhaps because Trump, a seasoned golfer, wanted to play a round rather than simply practicing on the driving range.  

Trump’s absence didn’t seem to stop his daughter from having an enjoyable day on the driving range; the mother-of-three worked up a sweat, but had a happy smile on her face as she honed her form and swing alongside her husband.  

At one point, Ivanka appeared to yell out in excitement while watching her golf ball fly into the air. 

Despite Trump owning several golf courses, in addition to the Doral, neither Ivanka or Jared are known to be particularly keen golfers – although the couple are enthusiastic runners, and have been seen jogging around their new neighborhood together multiple times since moving to the Sunshine State. 

However Ivanka has been seen showing off her skills on a few occasions in the past, including in 2015, before her father was elected as President, when she attended an event at the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in New York.  

Beat the heat: The mom-of-three had her blonde hair pulled back in a braid, and she shielded her face from the sun with a cap

Teamwork: The couple stood next to one another on the driving range, and both wore golfing gloves to improve their grip – but while Jared wore a more traditional single glove, Ivanka opted for two 

New hobby? Despite her father owning more than a dozen golf courses around the world, Ivanka is not known to be an avid fan of the sport, and instead seems to prefer running 

Bonding: Now that she has moved to Florida however it may be that Ivanka is keen to spend more time working on her game 

In the swing! Ivanka poked her tongue out as she finished a swing 

Busy: There were several people out on the driving range while Ivanka and Jared were practicing 

Ivanka and Jared may well be keen to spend more time on the green now that they have become official Florida residents however, especially given their proximity to two of Trump’s most exclusive clubs – Doral and the Trump International Golf Club, West Palm Beach.

Over the past few weeks, Ivanka has been photographed in a tennis white-esque ensemble, and it was previously thought that she was spending her afternoons on the court – however these latest images suggest that an all-white outfit is her golfing attire of choice. 

She will need to get in plenty of practice to keep up with her father, who has made frequent appearance on the golf courses at several of his Florida resorts over the past few weeks. 

Trump spent his first weekend away from the White House indulging in his favorite pastime, and he also played a few rounds on Valentine’s Day. 

During his single-term presidency, Donald played 300 rounds of golf, a high number in comparison with his predecessor Barack Obama who played 333 rounds during the eight years that he spent in the White House. 

But while the Doral is known to be one of Trump’s most popular resorts, it has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with Bloomberg reporting that sales have gone into decline over the past year, coming it at around $30 million less than in 2019 – a worrying statistic given that Trump has $125 million in personally-guaranteed loans on the property that come due in 2023. 

Shortly before arriving at the National Doral, Ivanka and Jared were seen leaving their Miami apartment in their golfing outfits, with both carrying work bags with them. 

Ivanka looked like a bonafide sports star in her $68 white tank and matching $70 skort by Sofibella when she walked out the doors with a coffee in one hand and a brown leather and woven straw bag carrying her laptop in another. 

Home away from home? Trump purchased the National Doral for $150 million in February 2012 

Tricky: The resort had to lay off 250 employees last year after it was forced to close amid the coronavirus pandemic 

Pals: Trump was joined on the driving range by a companion, who later accompanied him onto the 18-hole Blue Monster course where they played a full round 

Helping hand: The former President was also seen talking to several club employees on the course, where he was also joined by Secret Service agents 

Entourage: According to a source on-site, Trump drove his own golf cart around the course, accompanied by around 15 people, including caddies, employees, and friends 

Hello there: Trump paused his game to flash a wave at spectators 

Her matching tennis set featured subtle light blue detailing on both the top and bottom for a pop of color. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she topped off the sporty look with a white baseball cap and sneakers. 

Even though Ivanka was about to work up a sweat, she wore expensive jewelry, including a diamond tennis necklace and a watch with a leather band that matched her bag. 

She also had on the red string bracelet that she has been wearing on her left wrist for years. Though she hasn’t spoken about the purpose of the string, it does bear a resemblance to the type of red string that Kabbalah practitioners wear to ward off the ‘evil eye.’ 

Like Ivanka, Jared had on a face mask and a baseball cap, though his was light blue. He also wore on a watch and a red string bracelet on his left wrist, and completed his look with brown walking sneakers. 

The former White House senior adviser was carrying a black work bag — the same one that he was often seen leaving his Washington, D.C. home with when his father-in-law was president. 

It’s been an active week for Ivanka and Jared, who were spotted running together in the scorching Miami heat on Saturday. 

Despite the soaring temperatures, which reached 79 degrees, they were grinning happily at one another while jogging along a busy path near their new Florida home.

Fitness fanatic: Ivanka has enjoyed regular workout sessions since moving to Miami in January and has been pictured multiple times wearing a tennis white-esque look – although it appears that is her preferred choice of attire for golf 

Eagle eye: Her instructor kept a close eye on Ivanka’s golf ball as she hit another one into the distance 

Steady as she goes: Ivanka adopted a wide stance to keep herself balanced as she took a swing 

Adjustments: All the while her instructor was offering advice and making suggestions 

Quick break: The mother-of-five was also seen checking her cellphone at one point while getting in a rest 

Ivanka looked thrilled to be back in the Miami heat after having made a quick trip to New York City a few days prior, making stops at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and her mother Ivana Trump’s townhouse to drop off a belated birthday gift. 

Clearly unfazed by the warm weather, she donned an all-black workout outfit, pairing leggings with a figure-hugging tank top and matching sneakers. She paid tribute to her former home city by adding a black New York Mets baseball cap, which helped to shield her face from the glare of the sun.  

She injected a bit of glamour into her look with the addition of a diamond necklace and a simple ring on one finger, but she otherwise went jewelry-free, leaving her large diamond engagement at home. 

Jared also wore a cap for the run, as well as a gray T-shirt, patterned gray shorts, and black sneakers. The couple exchanged wide smiles and chatted as they jogged along the crowded path, which was full of people who were out enjoying the sunny day. 

At one point Jared appeared to be giving his wife some advice, holding out his hands and exhaling deeply, as though he was encouraging her to breathe more calmly. 

Ivanka was breathing heavily as she jogged along and looked very flushed. Both she and her husband looked as though they had worked up a serious sweat during their workout. 

They are known to be dedicated runners and have been spotted jogging together on multiple occasions since the family relocated to Florida at the start of the year following President Donald Trump’s exit from the White House in January. 

It is a tradition that they also kept up during their time in Washington, D.C., where Ivanka and Jared — who both served as senior advisers in Trump’s administration — were frequently seen jogging around their upscale neighborhood together, under the watchful eye of several Secret Service agents. 

Ready to play: Earlier in the day, Ivanka was pictured leaving her luxury apartment wearing a $68 white tennis tank and matching $70 skort by Sofibella

Match point: She was joined by her husband Jared, who wore a white polo shirt and gray chinos 

On the move: On Saturday, Ivanka and Jared were seen enjoying a run together in the scorching Miami heat – which reached highs of 79 degrees Fahrenheit  

Fun in the sun: Last weekend, Ivanka and Jared spent a day on a charter yacht with their kids, and Jared’s father Charles, 66

No agents were pictured with Ivanka and Jared on Saturday, however. 

The couple appears to have quickly settled into Miami life along with their children, who are all attending a local private Hebrew school that is located just a short drive from the Trump-Kushners’ new condo. 

Last Sunday, the family spent the day soaking up the sun on a chartered yacht in Biscayne Bay, where Ivanka was seen showing off her enviable figure in a black bikini while jumping off the back of the boat and into the water with her nine-year-old daughter Arabella.  

Ivanka’s sons — Joseph, seven, and Theodore, four — were already playing on a raft in the water when their mother and sister took the plunge. 

The family was also joined by Jared’s notorious father Charles Kushner, who was jailed for 14 months in 2005 after pleading guilty to 18 counts of tax evasion, witness tampering, and making illegal campaign donations. 

In December 2020, Charles received a full pardon from his son’s father-in-law — former President Trump — before he left office.

At the center of the trial was the revelation that Charles had hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, who at the time was cooperating with federal officials in an investigation into possible campaign finance violations committed by Charles. 

The real estate developer then filmed the encounter between his brother-in-law and the woman, who was paid $10,000.

Jared and Charles, 66, were photographed sitting on the back of the boat while they watched Ivanka and Arabella jump into the water, though the latter was on a phone call and appeared to be preoccupied. 

The former First Daughter had on a sporty, yet skimpy two-piece that showed off her curves, while Arabella donned a hot pink one-piece with a ruffle top and goggles on her head.

The little girl excitedly held her mother’s hand as they jumped together while her younger brothers watched them. Both mother and daughter had wet hair, suggesting that they had had already been in the water earlier in the day. 

Brrr: Last week, Ivanka made a quick return to the Big Apple, where she was pictured making her way into Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue on Wednesday 

On the go: She was also seen out and about in New York City on Thursday with her Secret Service agents in tow

Outfit of the day: Ivanka was dressed casually in a chambray shirt, black turtleneck and jeans when she stopped by her mother Ivana townhouse to drop off a belated birthday gift 

Like Arabella, Joseph was also wearing goggles, and he had on a rash guard to protect him from the sun’s rays.

While he sat comfortably on top of the blue raft, Theodore was in the water holding onto both the boat’s ladder and the corner of the raft.   

The chartered boat featured the Turkish flag and was named ‘Alara’ — which, in Turkish mythology, is the name of a water fairy. 

Ivanka was later seen walking around the top deck of the boat with a towel wrapped around her waist while a shirtless Jared was laying in the sun in his swim trunks. 

The former White House advisers seem to be enjoying their relaxed life in Miami after leaving Washington, D.C. and moving to the Sunshine State in January. 

Since their move, the family has been seen scoping out their local neighborhood near their luxury apartment in Arte Surfside, which has an average rental price of nearly $47,000 per month. Its penthouse sold for $33 million to an unnamed private equity executive from New York earlier this year. 

It has been reported that the couple has leased the apartment for a year while they build a more permanent property on a plot of a two-acre plot of land they purchased on Indian Creek Island — also known as the ‘Billionaire Bunker’ — for $31.8 million last year. 

Ivanka and Jared’s temporary apartment is located just over an hour away from Trump’s Palm Beach resort Mar-a-Lago, which is where he and wife Melania are now living with their son Barron. 

Ivanka’s younger sister Tiffany is also understood to be looking for a home in Miami, and it was reported in January that her older brother Don Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle also hope to relocate to the Sunshine State. 

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