Dr. Miami: How Much Is The Controversial Plastic Surgeon Worth?

If we talk enough about celebrities, it is inevitable we will wind up talking about plastic surgery. And lord knows we all love to speculate — Who got what? Is that real? Can those lips naturally be that big? Just look at all of the Real Housewives and how many of them look nothing like they used to. Then there’s a whole list of celebs who went into hiding after procedures. Then of course, there’s the fear of surgeries gone wrong and we have lists of the biggest blunders, too — not just the most stunning transformations.

But when it comes to plastic surgery, there is one celeb who is (typically) on the procedural end rather than the receiving end: Dr. Miami, aka Dr. Michael Salzhauer. The plastic surgeon never fails to be controversial. He wrote a kids book called My Beautiful Mommy so kids can understand a parent’s decision to pursue cosmetic surgery. So yeah, not your average bedtime story. 

Well, Discovery+ just got access to a documentary about the controversial surgeon called They Call Me Dr. Miami, which is hitting the streaming platform on Feb. 11, 2021, according to Deadline. So, while the doctor is getting mega headlines, what on earth is he worth? Keep reading.

Dr. Miami rakes in the big bucks

So why is there a documentary about Dr. Miami? The Discovery+ sensation, They Call Me Dr. Miami, promises to be a massive hit, thanks to the doctor’s rather unexpected life.

In the official trailer, Dr. Miami shows how he used social media, namely Snapchat, to gain a massive following, while he shows followers behind-the-scenes footage of his procedures. He said that when rappers mention plastic surgery in their songs, they do not say those actual words. Instead, they say “Dr. Miami.” He’s literally a euphemism for the field itself.

Perhaps the most unexpected twist is that Dr. Michael Salzhauer is a conservative Orthodox Jew, who is close to his wife and his children. The juxtaposition of the glamorous world of plastic surgery and his private life is shocking, but it’s something Dr. Miami seems comfortable juggling.

So has this career paid off? Big time. The surgeon is worth a whopping $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and this sum is likely to continue growing after all the hype from the documentary.

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