Duchess Meghan believes the move to Canada is ‘the best thing to happen to Harry’

I wonder what the editorial meetings are like at the British tabloids as they try to figure out the next steps in covering the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Should they outright trash them? Should they try to do sympathetic coverage towards the Sussexes? Should they ignore the Sussexes in favor of embiggening the Cambridges? Here’s a test case for the post-Sussexit British coverage: baiting the public with fake-positive stories which seem, superficially, to be nice about Harry and Meghan but really the stories make Meghan sound pushy and “above her station.” Case in point, this Daily Mail story:

Meghan Markle has been telling her close friends that quitting the royal family is the best thing that could ever happen to Prince Harry and said ‘it was her love for him that made this possible,’ a friend exclusively told DailyMail.com.

‘She said that like her, his spirit was being crushed and she simply couldn’t stand to see him suffer anymore,’ the friend added. The couple have been staying at an opulent $14 million Vancouver Island mansion, which they have used since Thanksgiving, and the close friend revealed the two have no plans to move out anytime soon. Meghan and Harry also have no intention of stripping the word ‘royal’ from their SussexRoyal website, as the insider added: ‘Meghan says they will always be considered royalty regardless of where they live or what they do.’

Still, a number of unresolved issues remain, including whether Harry and Meghan will be required to strip the word ‘Royal’ from their SussexRoyal website, and who will pick up the hefty bill for their continuing security requirements. However, Meghan’s friend told DailyMail.com: ‘Meghan and Harry are not planning on changing their website or Instagram name. They are still considered the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And they will keep the Royal part in. She described herself and Harry as game changers destined to hack the status quo. And now they can finally go about their business.’

The friend added: ‘Meghan has been telling her close friends that this is the best thing that could ever happen to Harry. That out of anyone he will flourish the most and that it was her love for him that made this possible.’

The insider also revealed that ‘Meghan told her friends that there is no rush to move out of the place they’ve been staying. That they’re welcome to live there as like as they like. Meghan calls it her happy place and says that in the last couple of months, she’s felt more at home than she ever did in the UK.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean, my guess is that there is a kernel of truth to all of this, that Meghan is happy that she and Harry got away, that Harry was in a bad place psychologically over the past few years, and that Meghan believes that she and Harry will flourish now that they’ve moved away. But of course the “source” tilted everything to piss off the British public reading this. How dare Meghan consider herself a game-changer! How dare she take credit for bringing about positive change! How dare she!!

Also: the Sun had a similarly baiting-type of story about how Harry relies on his mother-in-law Doria Ragland for advice. One source says, “Doria has been an absolute tower of strength in recent months – not just for Meghan but for Harry too. He obviously doesn’t have a mum whom he can turn to for advice but he has always been incredibly close to Doria and never more so than now. Harry has a huge amount of respect for her and for her judgement which is why he and Meghan have both spoken to her throughout about what they planned to do.” I don’t doubt it. But you know those British editors, they’re all aghast at the thought of a prince of the realm getting advice from an African-American lady with dreadlocks.

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