EastEnders fans mock impossible Phil gaffe as he wins claw machine toy on 1st go

EastEnders fans couldn't believe what they were seeing on Monday, as bad boy Phil Mitchell managed to win a dinosaur teddy bear in an arcade claw machine on the first try.

As the notorious hardman went on the run with his son Raymond, he attempted to distract him by winning him a teddy bear.

In just one swift turn Phil was able to land the green toy with ease leaving fans utterly flabbergasted.

“Right well #EastEnders has now reached a point where it is beyond realism. Nobody on earth has ever gotten a toy out of one of those machines,” blasted one viewer.

Another said: “No way would Phil be able to get that dinosaur in the grabbing machine on first attempt most are nearly impossible. Pure science fiction .”

A third added: “#EastEnders really entering the realms of fantasy now. Nobody wins that easily on a grabber machine.”

Phil was left traumatised after ex-lover Denise revealed he wasn't allowed to see their son until after the New Year, causing him to kidnap his own son.

Having been grassed up to the police by Denise over Vincent's death, fans watched Phil go on the run after advice from Sharon.

The gangster, played by Steve McFadden, is set to get new identities for himself and son Raymond as he attempts to flee Albert Square.

As Phil reveals a new identity and passport to Raymond, he is unaware the police are set to make their move on him after Denise turns him in.

Aware Denise wanted to call the police, Sharon reminded her that if she does, she could face her own trouble as the legal adoption process still hasn’t been completed for Raymond.

The businessman's fortune started going downhill at Christmas.

After having spent some quality time with his son, things took a turn when his love interest Kat got wind of what was going on.

The following day, Phil's ex, Sharon became suspicious of Kat's distracted behaviour, forcing her to reveal the truth.

Elsewhere on the episode Harvey Monroe faced tension with son Aaron amid the ongoing far-right storyline.

Fans have recently learnt about Aaron's disturbing ties to an extremist group, with events escalating to horrific proportions on New Year's Eve with a bomb plot.

Harvey is left furious at his son, though reluctantly agrees to get rid of his burner phone upon Aaron's suggestion.

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