EastEnders fans praise Stacey as she swallows pride to ask for help amid financial woes

EastEnders fans were quick to praise Stacey Slater as she finally reached out to her mum to ask for help amid her ongoing money troubles.

On Tuesday night’s instalment of the BBC soap, ailing mum Stacey Slater finally came clean about the extent of her financial woes as she swallowed her pride and asked her mum Kat for help in the wake of a terrifying attack at her home by loan shark Shiv.

Earlier this week, fans at home witnessed harrowing scenes as Shiv visited Stacey at home while her pregnant daughter was upstairs and demanded payment for an overdue loan.

Without enough money to pay, the threatening menace soon cornered Stacey and wrapped his hand around her throat before demanding that she pay him with sex in exchange for longer to pay.

Thankfully Eve Unwin was able to intervene, but not before Shiv demanded Stacey pay the loan in full within 24 hours.

Unsure of what to do and left in tears as a result, Stacey finally plucked up the courage to tearfully ask her mum Kat for help as she admitted all she wanted was to have one nice day with her kids, as daughter Lily was throwing a gender reveal party.

Revealing the extent of her financial woes to her mum, Kat agreed to help with the money, while Kat’s partner Phil Mitchell vowed to deal with Shiv himself.

Fans at home were quick to praise Stacey for having the courage to seek help rather than suffering alone, with several fans also praising Kat for having agreed to put aside her grievances with her daughter in order to help her in her hour of need.

“About time you asked for help Stacey – even if it is from Phil [Kat being with him has perks – use ‘em]!” Wrote one fan.

“Stacey swallowing her pride to ask Kat and Phil for help,” penned another alongside a tearful emoji.

Before a third fan wrote: “I don't understand why it took Stacey so long to go to Kat. £3000 is pocket change for Phil”

Meanwhile a fourth viewer added: “My heart is broken is Stacey so much! She is an amazing woman who has suffered so much and only wants to feed her kids and pay her bills. I hope this storyline gets better.”

EastEnders continues Monday – Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC Iplayer.


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