EastEnders fans spot blunder as Ian can’t find the right key to save Dennis – when there are hardly any on the chain – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans spotted a mistake last night as Ian Beale struggled to find the correct key to save Dennis, despite only needing to choose from two.

The restaurant owner waded through the flooded lower deck on the boat to reach the room he had locked Dennis in, but struggled to find the right key to open the door.

Fans took to Twitter to blast Ian for messing up the simple task, with one fan saying: "You only have 2 keys Ian..cant be that difficult."

Another tweeted: "ian trying to find the right key out of the two on his chain," which also included a GIF of people panicking.

Another fan sarcastically commented: "Well done Ian you lost the freaking keys."

Whilst a fourth viewer said: "Don't lose the keys! *Ian lose the keys*", followed by a GIF mirroring their reaction.

Ian confronted Dennis after he finding out he was responsible for son Bobby's online trolling.

During last night's episode we saw Bobby on the receiving end of a horrific Islamophobic attack.

He was sent to hospital where doctors discovered he had a bleed on the brain.

After finding out what took place, a panic-stricken Ian rushed to the hospital to support his son, before he made a beeline for the boat party to confront Dennis.

Dennis showed no remorse for what had happened to Bobby and punched Ian before running down to the lower deck of the boat.

He then called Ian a "dirty old man", adding that he doesn't stand a chance with his mum.

The restaurant owner lost his rag and punched Dennis, before locking him in the changing room.

A terrified Dennis then tried to leave a voice note for Sharon, saying: "Look mum, I can't get through to you. Ian's locked me on a room on the boat. I need help, I can't get out.

The boat hit something in the water and the lower deck rapidly filled with water as the lights went out.

Dennis begged Ian to help him, who arrives with the set of keys.

The businessman frantically tried to find the right key and soon dropped them in the water before he could do so.

With Dennis still crying out for help, Ian began to walk away from the door, but will he leave the teenager there to drown?

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