EastEnders spoilers: Walford rocked as Isaac and Lola break up over medication lies?

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Isaac (Stevie Basaula) discussed his schizophrenia diagnosis openly with Lola (Danielle Harold) on the BBC soap, and she was understanding. However, he has now abruptly come off his medication and lied to his girlfriend about it. If Lola learns Isaac cannot trust her, will it lead to the pair becoming the latest couple to break up in EastEnders?

They didn’t seem like an obvious pairing at first, but ever since Isaac and Lola hit it off and began dating, soap fans have enjoyed their journey together.

But lately, Isaac has become convinced he was misdiagnosed over his schizophrenia and without seeking professional opinions, he stopped taking his medication.

Although Isaac has been able to open up to Lola about some things, he failed to mention he had decided to come off his medication.

Lola found out eventually, and was concerned that he had decided this on his own.

She was also hurt about being lied to, with the two promising to keep each other in the loop about things in previous episodes.

Speaking exclusively to Expressc.co.uk, Dr David Crepaz-Keay from the Mental Health Foundation, explained the repercussions this could have on their relationship.

He advised upfront honesty when in a relationship, explaining: “I would say if you’re serious about having a relationship with someone, then probably having that conversation about the diagnosis earlier rather than later is best.

“Because it’s probably quite risky to have a relationship with someone who isn’t great on their understanding of the condition or of anything.

“It’s always good to be honest about these things, and if people are having these conversations and it ends a relationship, it would only be the kind of relationship that would have ended anyway, and the person is better off without someone like that.”

Touching on Isaac’s decision to come off his medication, Dr Crepaz-Keay continued: “Some people may be on medication for a short period of time.

“For some people it may be a longer period of time for others they may not need any at all.

“There’s a really interesting cohort study that’s followed people with psychosis over long periods of time, and what they found is that recovery rate for people who get good treatment for very short periods are actually able to recover more strongly than people who are kept on medication for longer periods.”

He added, that, for lots of people with the condition, they may only have one or two psychotic episodes in their lives, and with the right treatment may never need further assistance.

But people using medications are always advised to seek a doctor’s advice before changing or coming off their medication, as this can lead to further complications and symptoms.

With Lola now in the know about Isaac’s decision, could she convince him to speak to a professional?

If Isaac refuses, Lola may decide she cannot keep the information to herself and open up to a close friend.

She has already confided in Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) about Isaac’s illness when she first heard about it, and he told her the relationship may bring more trouble than it’s worth.

But the two seem to have been fine until Isaac lied to her and she later found out about the medication.

It seems the extra worry might make her take Peter’s advice and leave the relationship to avoid any potential chaos.

There’s also the concern that Isaac could develop further symptoms by abruptly coming off the medication, and could start relapsing.

Isaac’s mum Sheree Trueman (Suzette Llewellyn) has also warned Lola the break-up of Isaac’s last relationship was a trigger for his most recent relapse.

If Lola does decide to break up with Isaac, could things start to further go down hill for him?

Fans are hoping to see the two overcome their issues and stay together, but Isaac’s deceit and irresponsible decisions may be too much for Lola to cope with.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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