EastEnders star confirms shock Honey and Jay affair story

Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) are going to start a shock love affair that is sure to rock EastEnders.

The pair are growing closer after Jay saves Honey from potentially being date raped by a man named Paul, and he remains by her side as a source of support during the police investigation.

With Jay’s girlfriend Lola (Danielle Harold) continuing to be distant from him, the pair find solace in each other during mutual times of need.

Over the coming weeks, it seems their connection becomes too much to ignore, and they give in.

But seeing as Lola’s father Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is forever bonded by his love for Honey, the outcome of their illicit affair can only spell disaster and heartbreak.

Speaking about the upcoming story, Danielle teased that there is sure to be hell to pay when Lola finds out.

‘I don’t think she’d ever expect anything romantic to happen between them. It’s not even on her radar right now,’ she said.

‘If something did happen I think she would probably go mad. Probably more for her Pops rather than her own feelings I reckon.

‘She’s so protective over him and she knows that would kill him.’

Meanwhile, Lola and Jay’s relationship is effectively almost over, and despite trying to find a house together, spending lockdown apart has taken its toll on their relationship.

With neither willing to admit that the romance has run its course, will this be the thing to break them?

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