Eight huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Jags Panesar's shock bombshell and Suki's return

EASTENDERS' Suki Panesar makes a dramatic return next week as she reveals Jags is in trouble in prison. 

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the BBC One soap…

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1. Mila’s sister Kioni arrives

When Iqra spots a young girl pocketing a candle, she’s alarmed.

When Mila alerts Iqra to the thief, Mila recognises her as her little sister, Kioni.

What is she doing in Walford?

2. Kioni worries Mila

Mila is filled with dread when Kioni mentions that their mum is taking her away for the weekend soon. 

Mila, who’s been staying under Kathy’s roof after revealing she was homeless, asks Kathy if her sister can stay too but she’s gutted by the answer. 

Later, Mila asks Bobby if he can keep an eye on Kioni.

Viewers know that Mila recently revealed that she’d had to leave home because her sexuality didn’t fit with her family’s strong beliefs. 

But what’s going on with Kioni?

3. Iqra questions her relationship

With Mila preoccupied with the arrival of her little sister, she starts neglecting Iqra.

Iqra finds herself having doubts about whether Mila even cares. 

Could a shock split be on the cards?

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4. Zack upsets Sharon 

When Sharon spots Zack flirting with a potential client at the gym launch, Kheerat promises to have a word. 

Kheerat manages to lure Zack into the locker room, where he shuts him in and turns up the music.

5. Zack causes a scene

Sharon begins her speech but it all kicks off when Zack starts yelling from the locker room. 

Nancy hears his cries and lets him out, but regrets her decision when he storms into the room where Sharon is doing her speech and unleashes a rant at his sister. 

Kheerat tries to apologise but Sharon is furious and orders Zack to pack his bags and leave. 

6. Martin drifts from Ruby

Ruby is cheesed off when Martin is too hungover to attend her appointment at the hospital. 

Later, Martin tells Jean that he and Ruby are going through a rough patch and that, if they do break up, he and the kids will be homeless. 

Jean steps in and later tells Ruby that she needs to make more of an effort with Lily, who’s still blaming her stepmum for Stacey’s departure.

Will Martin and Ruby split?

7. Sonia gives her dad another chance

Sonia is given food for thought when Keegan announces he is glad that he gave Mitch another chance. 

Sonia decides to slowly build a relationship with Terry, but she’s irritated when heads into the pub only to be faced with him again. 

Will he put his foot in things again?

8. Suki asks Phil for money

Suki makes a dramatic return next week and asks Phil for a loan for reasons she’s not willing to divulge, but he refuses to give her one. 

Later, after Vinny mentions Kheerat’s mystery woman, Suki bursts in on Sharon and Kheerat at Walford East. 

Suki then messages Stas and asks him to meet her at the Minute Mart. 

When Kheerat discovers she’s been contacting Stas behind his back, he’s annoyed but Suki explains that Jags has got himself into trouble in prison.

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