Elizabeth Warren’s message to her 18-year-old self is a reminder that the future is unwritten

When Democrat presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren was asked what her 18-year-old self would think of her punt for the presidency, she had the best response.

You might be surprised to know that, at 18, Elizabeth Warren – the woman with a plan – didn’t have one. 

Now, she says if she could tell her younger self anything, it would be this: “Hang in there, kiddo, we got a long going on over the next few years.” An understatement, maybe, considering how far the presidential hopeful has come.

At 18, Warren was struggling to stay in school and was just a few months away from getting married and dropping out. 

“My 18-year-old self wanted to much to be a public school teacher, and was looking at that opportunity getting so far away,” she tells Democratic nominee tells The New York Times. “It had disappeared from sight.”

Warren adds, “My 18-year-old self wanted to believe in a future and was in love, going to get married but just thought so many possibilities were just completely closed to her.”

“And it turned out just one door had to open: a commuter college, $50 a semester. That one door opened and I got to be a special ed teacher. And then another door opened and another door opened and another door opened.”

Warren was the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college

After graduating high school at 16, Warren entered George Washington University on a full scholarship. However, she dropped out after two years to marry her high school sweetheart, Jim Warren.

The couple moved to Texas where Warren finished her degree in speech pathology and became the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college. When she and her husband moved to New Jersey, Warren began working in public schools as a special ed teacher while also having two children, a daughter, Amelia, and son, Alex.

At 18, Elizabeth Warren never imagined she would be running for president

When her first child turned two, she went back to school to study law and eventually taught law at several universities before being appointed to lead the National Bankruptcy Review Commission.

When asked what her 18-year-old self would think of her now, Warren has no doubts her younger-self would approve: “Oh, my 18-year-old self would be, like, so into this. ‘Wow, look at this, are you really running for president girl? I am all in’.”

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