Emilia Fox reveals she 'hopes to' become a teacher

Emilia Fox reveals she hopes to swap her showbiz career for life as a teacher – and claims acting was always her ‘plan Z’

  • Emilia Fox, 45, planned to use her English degree to become a teacher or writer
  • Told how that changed when she was offered role in BBC’s Pride and Prejudice 
  • Added didn’t want to do the same thing as her family, so acting was her ‘plan Z’

Emilia Fox has revealed how she ‘plans to’ swap her acting career for life as a teacher ‘at some point.’ 

The Silent Witness star, 45, who plays forensic pathologist Dr Nikki Alexander, told how she had always planned to work in education, but was then offered the role of Georgiana Darcy in 1995’s BBC drama Pride And Prejudice.

‘My plan A at university was to use my English degree to become a writer or teacher,’ she said, speaking to the Sunday Mirror. 

‘I loved reading books and writing, so I thought something would come of that.’

Emilia Fox, 45, has told how she wouldn’t be against swapping her acting career for life as a teacher. Pictured, attending a VIP preview of the Halfpenny London ‘Songbird’ collection at Petersham Nurseries on October 23, 2019 in London

The Silent Witness star comes from a thespian family. Pictured, playing forensic pathologist Dr Nikki Alexander

Emilia comes from a thespian family with her parents, Edward Fox and Joanna David, both having successful acting careers – while her cousins Jack, Laurence and Lydia are also performers. 

‘I didn’t want to do the same thing as my family, so acting was my plan Z,’ she added. ‘Then Pride and Prejudice took me down a path I wasn’t expecting.’

‘I hope to go back to plan A at some point.’  

Emilia, who has recently starred in BBC drama The Trial Of Christine Keeler, previously told how her daughter Rose, nine, has no interest in following in her parents’ footsteps and becoming an actor.

Emilia Fox has recently starred as Valerie Profumo in The Trial Of Christine Keeler, pictured with Ben Miles as John Profumo

Rose’s father Jeremy Gilley is also an actor but she has no desire to enter the profession, citing the early morning starts as a deterrent.

Speaking on an episode of Lorraine on ITV in January, Emilia said: ‘Nope, she does not want to do acting at all, she said you have to get up too early which is very sensible.’

The actress also spoke about her role in the BBC series The Trial of Christine Keeler where she plays film star Valerie Hobson Profumo, whose husband John Profumo has an affair with the title character. 

She said: ‘What I loved about it is that we have some idea of the headlines of that scandal, but actually this series with six episodes got to explore what happens to the human beings behind a scandal like that.’

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