Emily in Paris season 2 predictions as Netflix renews rom-com despite major backlash

EMILY in Paris has become one of the most divisive shows of the year – which may explain why Netflix recently commissioned a second series.

The Lily Collins-led show didn't spark such a debate because of controversial scenes or storylines, more that a lot of people thought it was cheesier than even the strongest French fromage – as well as overusing French stereotypes.

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Regardless, Emily and Co will be back on Netflix for season deux, so what do viewers think might happen? Here are the top predictions.

Gabriel and Emily will give things a go

All through season one, Emily and her hot next door neighbour chef Gabriel shared a sizzling chemistry, but didn't act upon it because of his girlfriend, Camille.

However, in the final episode, the couple split and Gabriel planned to move to Normandy to open a restaurant, so he and Emily hooked up on his last night.

In another twist, Gabriel was offered an investment by Antoine and decided to stay in Paris, and actor Lucas Bravo hinted his character will want to continue things with Emily.

He said: "Gabriel's life was sad before she came along. He knew what he wanted but he didn't know how to get it.

"He didn't know how to be the best version of himself. Emily isn't just Emily. It's the first day of the rest of his life when he meets her.

"He's so excited for what's in store."

Camille will find out about Gabriel and Emily

Season one ended with Camille – Gabriel's ex and Emily's friend – texting the American and asking if they could talk.

While fans will have to wait and see if she already knows about their steamy liaison so soon after her split from Gabriel, if the pair do keep seeing each other, Camille is bound to find out eventually.

Antoine has a 'plan' for Gabriel's restaurant

Many fans fell in love with handsome Antoine (William Abadie) during the series but some question his sudden decision to invest in Gabriel's restaurant so he can stay in Paris.

Antoine is a perfumer with no connection to the restaurant business, and having made some shady moves during season one, could he have an ulterior motive to offering up the cash?

Mindy will find love

Emily's BFF had plenty to deal with herself during season one, losing her nannying job before becoming an emcee at a drag bar.

While Emily had the lions share of love interests in season one, fans and actress Ashley Park – who plays Mindy – think season one will be when Mindy will come into her own.

She said: I know I'm in good hands. I trust what's planned. But a love interest would be fun! But the most important thing to me is the friendship with Emily."

Emily in Paris is available on Netflix

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