Eminem ‘cloned’ conspiracy explodes after song ‘exposing theory’ resurfaces

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    Legendary rapper Eminem turns the big 5-0 today (October 17) – but there are those who still bizarrely maintain he isn't even alive.

    The truly mind-boggling conspiracy claims the Lose Yourself hitmaker – real name Marshall Mathers – actually died in 2006 and was replaced by a clone.

    Among the so-called "evidence" for the theory are his apparently ageless features, footage of him "glitching" and even a series of cryptic tweets by fellow rapper B.o.B.

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    But it was a track released by Tom MacDonald back in 2019 that was heralded as "conclusive" proof.

    In the song, titled Cloned Rappers, Tom claimed the "Illuminati took bone samples to clone rappers" and then put the real beings in prison to "silence their vision".

    "If they can't control you they erase the old you," he continued, before listing some of the names that have been cloned.

    "They cloned Gucci, cloned Kodiak, cloned Eminem, he ain't rapped since Encore, know that."

    It wasn't just the track that set conspiracy theorists' tongues wagging.

    The music video looked like a scene straight out of Frankenstein, seemingly showing "clones" being created in a lab.

    A third agreed, saying: “All this has been a move for a long time…I just hope the ignorant will finally understand.”

    Not everyone was convinced, though, with some suggesting the lyrics were simply metaphorical for rappers no longer being able to express themselves.


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