Emmerdale death as Gabby Thomas kills Jamie Tate’s secret lover?

Emmerdale: Gabby Thomas talks to Kim about Jamie Tate

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Emotions have been running high for Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas (played by Rosie Bentham) ever since her love interest Jamie Tate (Alex Lincoln) was presumed dead after a serious car crash on the ITV soap. While Jamie’s car was found at the bottom of a lake, police were unable to find his body. A heavily pregnant Gabby has now discovered Jamie wanted to “run away” with Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) – will she murder her Emmerdale love rival in a jealous rage?

During Thursday night’s double bill of Emmerdale, Gabby revealed to Jamie’s mum Kim Tate (Claire King) that he was in love with another woman.

A tearful Gabby, who is carrying Jamie’s unborn child, said: “I was phoning him from the car, but now I know the truth, and the lies he was telling me, and what he was really going to do to me.”

Gabby was frantically calling Jamie, who had agreed to meet her so they could escape the village together before his car crash.

She added: “You know I don’t feel guilty, I just hate myself for hoping and praying that he hadn’t drowned.”

Kim, who was confused by Gabby’s outburst, quizzed her on what “lies” she was referring to about her son.

“I hope his last moments were terrifying, and I hope he felt guilty for trying to kill you – and I hope he died slowly knowing that I’d find out what he’d done to me,” Gabby yelled.

“I wasn’t the one he wanted to run away with, it was Dawn. He planned it all, this new life together miles away.

“Kim, he was going to run away and never come back.”

Kim was astonished by Gabby’s revelation about Jamie wanting to start a new life with Dawn, branding the scenario “impossible”.

“Jamie and Dawn were over a long time ago. She loathes him for trying to poison me,” Kim explained.

But a distraught Gabby admitted to Kim that Jamie “never stopped wanting Dawn”.

The mum-to-be said: “He went to see her that day before he met me and gave himself time to grovel.

“He begged her to take him back. She just told me everything now – how he said that he loved her.”

Jamie had begged Dawn to give their relationship another go, but she clocked on to what he was doing to Gabby and rejected him.

Gabby explained: “[Dawn’s] got enough problems, I mean why would she run away with him?”

She added: “He lied to Dawn, he lied to all of us. I mean, he couldn’t live here with no money or job. He needed me and the baby, he needed us.”

Kim cuttingly told Gabby: “But he would rather risk everything for Dawn, for real love.

“But he didn’t think he had a choice, he couldn’t see a way out and he couldn’t live his life as a pawn in your [Gabby] selfish little game. He played you and he did it so well.”

With Kim adding fuel to the fire, will Gabby seek revenge by killing off Jamie’s lover Dawn?

Emmerdale airs on ITV on weekdays at 7pm. 

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