Emmerdale fans spot blunder as Mandy manages to use Vinny's phone

EMMERDALE fans spotted a blunder as Mandy managed to get into Vinny's phone without a passcode.

Mandy continued to meddle in her son's life as he tried to reignite his romance with Liv Flaherty.

Vinny told his mum that Liv was trying to go sober again after falling off the wagon.

Mandy laughed in disbelief, leaving Vinny furious – before asking her if he wanted anything from the shop.

But as the lad went off to the shops, he left his phone with Mandy.

At that moment he received a text from Liv and Mandy seized the opportunity to interfere.

The message read: "Nice chatting earlier, fancy meeting up?"

Mandy then deleted the text and block Liv on his phone, so that she can no longer contact him.

However, Emmerdale viewers were confused as to how she could get onto Vinny's phone without a password.

One person said: "Why don't people in soaps lock their phones? #Emmerdale"

Another added: "Another phone with no password. WTF? #Emmerdale"

A third remarked: "Do people not have locks on their phones in #Emmerdale"

Liv has been riddled with guilt ever since she left Vinny’s abusive dad Paul Ashdale to die in the wedding barn explosion. 

The youngster eventually confessed to Vinny and turned to booze after he blamed her for his dad’s death.

After blocking the number, Mandy tells Liv that Vinny is taking Belle out for a drink instead of her.

Liv then confronts Vinny – and they both realise Mandy is trying to manipulate the situation.

Despite realising what is going on, Vinny tells Liv that they can only be friends with each other.

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