Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ downward spiral for Moira Dingle

Emmerdale: Faith prepares for 'the end' in emotional scenes

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Emmerdale icon Faith (played by Sally Dexter) was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of the year and was recently given a matter of weeks to live. Her children Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Parteger) have insisted on her going into a hospice but Faith has other plans. She has asked Moira (Natalie J Robb) to help end her life without her children knowing, but this means Moira keeping it a secret from her husband, Cain. However, fans have recently claimed they have worked out the future of Moira as they liken her plans to help Faith with the murder of Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney).

During Tuesday night’s episode, Cain began to wonder what Moira and his mother had been speaking about privately.

He asked: “Listen when you spoke to my mum yesterday about funerals, did she talk about what goes on before all of that?”

Trying to hide her guilt, she replied: “Erm, how do you mean?”

Cain explained: “Well, we’ve spoken about it already. But I didn’t get a straight answer, you know? Home or hospice?”

Bending the truth to save her husband the despair, Moira answered: “Er, she said she wanted to be at home. I’ll try and talk to her.

“I don’t mind having a word with her, save you getting any more stressed.”

Elsewhere in the Woolpack, Faith expressed she wanted a fun day with her family without the mention of her cancer or hospices.

With Cain and Moira soon arriving and hearing her plan, Cain added: “Well, we can discuss your care along the way.”

Sighing, Faith exclaimed: “Er, no, we can’t, because I’ve spent far too much time lately discussing medical matters. It’s depressing.”

Feeling overwhelmed and annoyed with the conversation, Faith erupted: “I don’t want to talk about any of it! It’s not like I’m gonna die this afternoon!

“I know how it is all going to end, it’s all been taken care of! Just shut up! I’m the one that’s dying, not you! I don’t wanna waste any more time that I’ve got left talking about it.

“So just back off and leave me alone.”

After apologising for her outburst, Moira joined Faith in the living room of the Woolpack and began to question the details of what she had been asked.

Faith asked: “I thought we’d agreed on all this? You have to get Chas and Cain to stop pestering me for answers.”

Moira clapped back: “You’re the only one that can do that. If you’re so determined not to tell them, you might as well give them an answer – even if it’s a life.

“But you’re gonna have to be a bit more honest with me first. You’re not asking me to try hang-gliding. We’re talking about ending your life. And being there for that, that’s a bit ask, Faith.

“I just think I’m entitled to know when and how we’re gonna do it. If you don’t start giving me some answers, the deal is off,” Moira quipped.

She asked: “When do you think this is going to happen?”

However, an elusive Faith replied: “While I’m still mentally and physically able to do what I need to do.”

Not happy with her answer, Moira pushed: “You told me that you’ve only got weeks. I’ll need to know how it’s gonna be before that!”

Faith abruptly admitted: “I can’t do that. For your own good! I do not want you implicated. You do know that assisting a suicide is still technically a crime?”

Confused as to what she was implying, Moira exclaimed: “But you said you were gonna do it! You just wanted me for support – I’m supporting not assisting!”

Faith went on to explain that Moira had to make sure she stuck to the story of finding Faith who had committed suicide and was too late to save her.

“I want to choose the moment, and have some dignity for myself,” she explained before the episode drew to a close.

Viewers of the show took to their Twitter accounts and claimed that they had “worked out” that Moira was going to get caught for helping Faith.

Emmerdale fan @LeedSTUnited expressed: “Moira doesn’t realise she’s going to lose everything, everyone, and probably end up in jail when it all goes t*ts up #Emmerdale.”

@LunaLocoJewels commented: “It would be hilarious if Moira got sent down for this when she got away scot-free with murdering Emma.”

@PaulBiUK added: “Why is Moira chatting like she is arranging a surprise birthday party? It’s beyond unrealistic, this will be Moria’s 2nd murder. #Emmerdale.”

@perfwithsurf pleaded: “#Emmerdale Don’t do it, Moira. Murder is murder.”

@domain_harry expressed: “Why do I sense a ‘Moira going to jail’ storyline coming up? Already worked it out #emmerdale.”

Emmerdale airs Monday-Friday from 7:30pm on ITV.

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