Emmerdale Matthew Wolfenden ‘swipes phone out of Charley Webb’s hand’ in row

Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden left his co-star wife Charley Webb fuming as he ‘swiped her phone out of her hand’.

The married pair became embroiled in a tense row in the car, with Charley filming Matthew driving.

Matthew, 41, is best known for playing David Metcalfe in the ITV soap, while 33-year-old Charley played Debbie Dingle.

But Charley wasn’t holding back when she gave her loyal legion of more than 530,000 followers a glimpse into their row.

The conversation began with Charley in the passenger seat of their car, as Matthew tapped his knee in rhythm with the indicator and turned to ask her: "Are you taking a picture or doing a video?"

Captioning the clip "borelord", Charley responded: "It’s a video. How boring my life is."

Matthew pulled a face at her admission as Charley giggled – and the next clip was of Matthew explaining his reasoning behind taking a particular route around town.

He said: "All the way round there, and I’ve come down there and up there."

"No I didn’t!" Charley insisted, as Matthew complained: "Why are you always videoing me?! Always! You’re obsessed!"

Charley cried: "Because you’ve taken us the wrong way!"

"You’re totally obsessed with me," Matthew repeated.

"You wish," Charley sniped back.

She captioned the video: "He. Is. So. Annoying."

Later, Charley turned the camera on herself as she explained: "So Matthew is one of those people where he thinks he’s always right. So I’ll tell him one thing-"

But she was quickly cut off, and simply added a caption which told fans: "That ending was him swiping the phone out my hand."

However, it doesn’t look like there is any bad blood between the couple, as Charley said she feels as though all she does is "moan".

Posting a sleepy selfie, she wrote: "I feel like all I do is moan about how tired and cold I am. But… I’m cold and tired."

Showing off her outfit of grey sweatpants and a zip-up sweatshirt, she wrote: "I’m working from home so I’m staying in the house dressed like this, all day. I care not."

Charley regularly shares adorable clips of her and Matthew, along with their three sons Buster, Bowie and Ace – including a sweet clip of them putting up the Christmas tree and dancing around it.

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